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Suggestions PLEASE on a waterproofing or scotch guarding spray for our canopy!


Our Proshade canopy is coming today. We had another one just like it & used it many yrs & it went thru a lot, however it started leaking only from a seam, but that's bad enough!

The company said they weren't sure what the Artists are spraying while it's still clean nor  where to get it. I am open to any suggestions you have! Thanks, kathleen-we leave Wednes. for New Jersey!! Again thank you in advance!

Kathleen & Steven

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I have an EZUP which served me well for years. Last season I noticed it wasn't as waterproof as it had been and things were getting damp when it rained, as the water was misting thru the canvas. Another artist recommended Starbrite, a marine fabric waterproofing solution used for the cushions on boats. He also recommended applying it liberally with a soft paint roller NOT spraying it on. 

I bought a gallon and gave it 3 coats. Popped her up and kept the legs low, then saturating the fabric each time and letting it dry completely in between coats.  It has worked perfectly!

My one recommendation would be to do it in the grass, I did it on my driveway and now when it rains I have some random 'waterproof' spots on the concrete [you can't see them when it's dry lol] 

Here's a link:|71700000048001153|58700004793621602|92700041080546083&gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIp-7M5dP95AIV_v_jBx1cYA0_EAQYAiABEgL-evD_BwE

The nice folks at Undercover, recommended "303" fabric guard / protectant.

I applied it, just to the roof seams, years ago. Never a leak since and it they have been in severe storms.

I don't remember if it was made by 3M, Gold Eagle, Sunbrella etc.

Very easy to apply. Comes in a spray bottle. Just spray, let dry and that's it.

I believe it should be redone each year. However, mine have done just fine.


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