Suggestions for Sturdy Walls for Cuckoo Clock Booth

In our launch into art shows we’ve done very well with the Promaster van we turned into a mobile cuckoo clock gallery but are finding many shows won’t allow it.

Our problem is that the clocks are heavy and therefore need very sturdy walls. (Thus the van to begin with.) We need to construct walls that will hold the clocks, but also that I (a 128 pound female) can put up alone.

There are lots of booth ideas and info online, but our predicament seems to be unusual. Any suggestions from the experienced collective?

Thanks in advance!


The American Cuckoo Clock Company

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  • Pro Panels with their over the top hangers. The hangers hang down with holes every 2 inches and the panels can support almost anything. Pro Panels are very light and sturdy and they even sell breakdown panels at half heights that go together, but I recommend full height 7 foot tall panels. Full panels are sturdier.

    Larry Berman

    • I talked with the man from ProPanels and he said the same thing; that the full panels are sturdier. I have a big van, so space isn't an issue.

      My pushback on the ProPanels is that they are so not creative. But perhaps that's a benefit as then the clocks stand out more?

      • You can choose a color that sets your clocks off. The last thing you want is people complimenting your booth, not the artwork. Besides, Pro Panels sets up and breaks down really fast and are light weight. Carrying an extra panels or two gives you a way to expand if you have extra space.

        Larry Berman


        • Very good points. 

          What are the pros and cons of the higher panels? For the tent I assume a taller one helps people to see in better?

          Thanks so much for your help.


          • I'd get 7 foot panels. They might be a tight squeeze but should fit in most tents. That's what I used with my Craft Hut and then Light Dome. If you have a pop up tent you should consider 6 foot panels with legs that extend so they can go 7 foot also.

            Larry Berman


            • I have to buy a tent as well, so I can by one they will fit. I hear good things about the Light Dome.

              • Light Dome and Trimline are the gold standard in art show tents. Trimline is a little more sturdy but more expensive and complicated to set up. I bought a used Trimline and then sold it and went for a new Light Dome a few years back. If you order the Light Dome, get zippers for the awnings front and back or sides also if you want to set up on a corner. They have to be sewn in when they make the tent because they refuse to add them later on. Then just buy the awnings when you need them.

                Larry Berman

  • No answers yet?

    A suggestion would be to build wall sections using 2x3 (not 2x4) studs and pegboard paneling with a wooden finish. make the panels slightly less than 2 feet wide and 7 feet high. Whatever the height, make sure there is enough clearance for the tent that you use. placea couple of holes in the vertical stringers that match up no matter what order you put the panels up. Use a bolt, washers, and nut to tie them together, and use an battery operated drill to tighten everything up. Your only problem with that approach is space in your vehicle to carry them, as that is going to be 14 panels to schlepp around that is going to be a 2'x7'x~4' package in your vehicle. Individually, you should be able to move one without too much difficulty but if you have to hand carry those far it will be a lot of trips back and forth.

    Another possibility is to use hollow core doors, but that would take a lot of doors, be expensive, and awkward to haul around.

    Use the search function here to look up home-made booths. Connie had a post about this several years ago and the examples were really impressive.

    • Good ideas Robert. I did see the home made booth posts. Some were real nice, but a lot of work for just me to put up.

      Space isn't a problem as I'll drive the Promaster van/cuckoo clock gallery. (Still wincing that I can't use my wonderful gallery on wheels.) 

      Thank you!

      • Hi Jodie I am thinking of renting and or selling my entire set up soon- I am in Asheville NC- I have a set of dark gray propanels with the top exensions and a super tall booth with awnings... lmk if you are interested I am figuring out pricing now and a list of all I have! 10076058664?profile=RESIZE_930x

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