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I am getting ready to "up my game" and invest in a more professional display, and wondered if the community could give me advice on what type of display walls they like.  I am an acrylic and watercolor artist, so I would be displaying a variety of framed pieces and canvas.  Most of my pieces 16 x 20 or smaller.  I currently have an EZ up brand tent.  I'm not sure whether to go with a mesh wall, like those offered by Flourish, or with the panel display system like Pro Panels.  I drive a midsize SUV to shows, so don't have too much space.  Also, I often do shows alone without help for setup, so I'd like something easy for one person setup.  Any advice?

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Strongly recommend Flourish mesh walls. This past summer was first experience with fairs. Did five of them. Sold five abstract paintings 16x20. Started with heavy steel mesh panels. SO hard to carry, transport, set up and take down. Half way thru the season I bought the mesh panles. SO easy to do all of the above and they fit easily into an SUV. They are sturdy enough to handle 24 x 24 framed canvas and I am sure larger ones. I DO back the walls with gray shower curtains hung from PVC piping and add a gray rug

Thanks for sharing your experience with them, James.  I received my flourish mesh walls recently, and am just waiting for a nice day to set up my tent and try them out for booth shots! I think they should be plenty strong enough for my pieces, since most of my paintings are smaller. Do you have any photos of your booth with the panels?  I'm looking for set up ideas, and the shower curtain with rug sounds nice.  

Attached is my booth pic. Still needs a better layout. Feedback appreciated


Maybe add a draped tablecloth over the table?

Thanks!! Absolutely. A much warmer feeling which is what my booth needs. Cool!!!

Nice artwork, James.  I agree with Joel, a draped tablecloth would look warmer than the stretched one.  Do you put out print racks or bins, also?  As my work is wildlife and nature themed, I am thinking of putting out a table with lined wicker baskets on top to serve as print bins, something with a natural look. Also going with a black fitted tablecloth to contrast against the white.


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