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I'm looking for a new service to set up my own website and blog. The one I currently use offers a limited amount of options such as a way to collect email addresses. Is anyone using a service that they really like and would recommend? It doesn't have to be free.

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I am a member of another online community for people who building businesses online,, run by my son Scott Fox. It is a community like this one that shares information about online businesses. It is free and the perfect place to get a good answer to this question. Even if you don't want to join and ask the "search" will probably garner you good answers.

I second Jim Parker's Wordpress option. 

Lori, Somehow can't read your comment.
I would recommend Weebly. It's very easy to set up and manage. It's also inexpensive (can be free if you don't mind having weebly as part of your domain name). I've been using them for a couple of years now. I prefer to have a custom domain and I pay somewhere around $32 annually. I sign up for more than a single year so there is a discount. It includes a blog feature also. If you want to view my site, it's

Impressive website.  Thanks for sharing this info.  Will need to look at Weebly.

I like Weebly-I use the free sections for my site and its been great.

The free site just has weebly logo on each page -the domain is your name. you can see this at my site

Or you can pay not to have it there-I really do not care about that logo-the price is free and I can add or subtract whatever I want-works well-

Weebly in the past couple of weeks has added many new features. It may be worth taking a second look.

Thanks Paul and Mark for the info about weebly! 

I currently use Smugmug but an "art consultant" told me I needed a more "professional look" (am not really sure what that means) and that my images were too small.  Smugmug does have their logos, etc. on the page but it was very easy for someone like to me set up (they provided templates).  The consultant suggested I look into "OtherPeople'sPixels," "ArtCat", or "ArtSpan".  Haven't talked to too many people who have even heard of the first 2.  These hosting websites charge at least 2x as much as Smugmug although I haven't sold anything through Smugmug and it doesn't seem to draw much traffic to itself even with my meager promotional efforts through business cards, FB Page, etc.

My site is  (would love to know what others think).



Im not normally a computer savvy one either but WORDPRESS has worked ok for me. I figured it out in one hour and had it up in a few hours. Its free so hey..Its ok...for now.


I would recommend you check out 

I just moved to an Indiemade website and am very pleased with the results. I am still working on it and haven't added anything to my blog yet, but then a website is never really finished!

My earlier site featured just my greeting cards and a limited number of prints, but as I am moving more into photographic prints, I felt I needed something with a gallery. 

There are several levels available and all come with a blog feature built in. I purchased my domain from GoDaddy and was able to use my unique website URL without the "" added to the URL.

I was also able to download a CSV file of the products listed on my original site, upload them to the product list of the new site and then simply make some minor changes on the Indiemade site. Most of the changes were due to differences between the product category definitions on the two sites.

By the way, I learned about this on one of the AFI podcasts! Interesting and informative podcast ~ Thank you! 


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