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I'm looking for a new service to set up my own website and blog. The one I currently use offers a limited amount of options such as a way to collect email addresses. Is anyone using a service that they really like and would recommend? It doesn't have to be free.

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Lori, artist/entrepreneur/tech wizard, Jennifer Rapp Peterson, has a new website building business that "gets" what artists are looking for with all the latest bells and whistles. It is very attractive and worth taking a look at:

Thanks Connie,

I took a quick look and it looks promising! I'll have to really sit down tonight and study it closer. That was the problem I was having before. Many services out there, but would they work well for an artist? Thanks for your suggestion!

I'm also interested in this info but I'm more interested in a free site right now.

Over the last two weeks I had all the FrontPage components taken off my web site and a Wordpress blog added for the new home page. I hired someone because my web site is very active and I needed everything to work without anything breaking.

Larry Berman

Yes, I've been looking into Wordpress. I'm usually pretty good at figuring things out but Wordpress confuses me. It does seem to have a lot of options though!

Hi, Am really interested in this question myself.   I'm looking for something that looks professional, has flexibility and is reasonably priced.  I've had people suggest the following website hosting services. If you've had any experience with any of these please let me know what you think.

Art Span

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Thanks, Marie

Marie -- take a look at weebly or wix. They're both free, with some caveats.

GoDaddy has a full featured hosting service, with many add-ons such as a one-click WordPress installer. There are lots of free WordPress themes, the only problem you'll have is figuring out which works best for you.

You can also get a free WordPress site on The main drawback is that it won't have your personal domain name, but will be a subdomain of If you can live with that, it's free as well. Otherwise, load WordPress onto your hosted domain at GoDaddy, HostGator or other site.

Most of the larger hosting companies sell hosting at a basic level for about $3-5 monthly if you pay for a year up-front.

Thanks for these suggestions but I don't want to take the time right now to learn Wordpress but was hoping for something easier to plug into with nice design templates,etc. that's not too pricey but that saves time (yet looks "professional").

I would seriously look at WordPress with perhaps the Photocrati template. WordPress is about as easy as it gets. Good, scalable templates run between $50-100; Photocrati is $89. WordPress is very very easy to learn. The installation, depending on your host, takes about 10 minutes. If you don't want your own domain name, it takes zero time on

I would have to say that WordPress is as easy to learn as Weebly, which is about the easiest free web site builder out there.

No matter what site host and template you choose, you will still need to size and compress your images for the web. You will need some kind of branding elements, even if it's just a header with a type treatment. You need to think about what information is going on your site and how to organize it. You'll need to write your artist bio, and decide how you want folks to contact you.

One other thought -- if you do decide to go with WordPress, look for a site template with the tag "responsive". That just means that the site is designed to scale for desktop, tablet, and smartphones on it's own. Lots of info out there, if you want to do more research.

Good luck. Let us know what you end up with.

I use yola had my domain transferred to them paying $10 a month would be only 5 but I wanted a mobile friendly site, along with a regular one. I set it up, myself with no problem you have to remember to reduce the resolution on the pics you upload. They have a lot of templates and good tutorial videos. Good communication with customer support also.

I use FASO. I've been with them for a couple years and I've been happy.

Nice website.  I've heard other people like FASO but is a bit pricey? but need to look at their website to make a determination.


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