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Would some photographers post about their success with canvas and metallic (floating) prints? How do the sales compare to each other and to traditional prints? Are one type of the 3 good for one subject, another for another? For example, landscapes might look good on metal but flowers not. I don't know, so I'd love to hear the experiences of others.



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David some shows are not allowing Canvas prints. The metal print look great and make your sales numbers look good but the profit may be same as framing traditional. I will suggest you to try it out (one wall) see how it works for you and go from there. I personally like the traditional look.

Hi Oscar--
Thanks. That about shows not allowing canvas prints is something to think about. I have seen it on one entry form.
Please tell me, it sounds like some people are saying that their display prints, rather framed, metal, or canvas, are not what sell. The display prints lure people into the tents and show some examples of their work, but they primarily SELL matted prints. I know this varies, but I seem to be reading it from time to time. Your experience, please?
Thanks again,

It depends if you sell standard sizes or not.  I sell mostly panoramas.  Standard size images go in a browse bin and I do not have any of them framed.  I sell prints of the panoramas by order only.  I don't have them in the booth.  Most people buy the framed panoramas because they realize that off sizes are expensive to frame.  I only added the matted prints last year and framed panoramas are still my best seller.

Thanks for the info. I can see where your would be a special case with panos. You must make some money on the sales of the frames too. Good for you. But you have to have an affordable source for the frames. Any suggestions?
Thanks, David
I get my frames from frame Good prices and good service.

Thanks, Alison--

Turns out that Mark at Frame Destination and I have some mutual friends! He's in Dallas, I grew up and shot there for 30 yrs. I agree, he looks like the place to go. And he supports AFI

Thanks, again,



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