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I am a high school teacher.   I work some with our art department.   Have always enjoyed painting and drawing on an amateur level.  Would like to rent a place to do more art on the weekends as my home is very small and I have no place for this there.  Any suggestions on a cheap place where I can do this and become more involved with other artists in the area?   Maybe take some figure study classes or be involved with groups doing still life's etc...

Josie Carter

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Hi Josie,

I would suggest keeping an eye on Craig's List. Under housing in the office and commercial catagory or in Parking and storage. I have found artists looking to share before there. In the parking and storage you will find cheaper places like barns and garages and such which can be turned into pretty cool studios. Use key words Studio, garage, shop. Also under forums there is an artist forum where you can ask around whats available locally in the Raliegh area. Good luck!

Look for local art centers -- sometimes they offer co-op space along with classes. You might try doing a search in your local "patch", too -- try art classes, or workshops, or community centers...

Hey Josie-welcome neighbor! I live in Durham. Have you looked into Artspace in Raleigh? I know a couple of artists who rent space there. You have two bonus items working/renting there; one-you are with fellow artists (most of whom are painters), and two, they host First Friday. I'm not sure what the traffic is like, but, it is definately a way to have people looking and commenting on your art (and hopefully, buying) every month.
Just a thought.....


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