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I used to clean up my studio every year on New Years Day. But what with breaking my foot and several other challenges, the last few years I didn’t do it. Being prone to clutter anyway, it was becoming impassible. I set up extra tables to work on specific projects, but then those too have become a problem. It has been accumulating layers of “sediment”: stalled projects, trays of related materials kept together for a series, and supplies I can’t put away, because there is stuff in the way. When I had to reorder  something I knew I had already bought, that was the last straw.


Would anyone like to do this with me? We could post “before,” “in progress,” and “after” pictures. Having to be accountable might help. Provide reinforcement!


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Oh, by the way, I will ......try...... To bring myself to take a photo too....gotta get serious about this, and a photo will commit me to it....put my feet to the fire (or at least find the floor).... ;-))

I know. I feel your pain. That's why I took the photos. I waited a few days before posting them here, with a deep breath.

You give me courage (and a deep-as they say-cleansing-breath) to press on ;-)

I know what you mean, by the mess moving into your head! It is hardly an environment to stimulate creativity. More a place you want to get out of, as quickly as possible.  

Ann Marie - I love your comment... "'crippled' by the physical mess". That's exactly how I feel!

And my husband badgering me to clean up doesn't help.

Hi Jeanne!! Been ages.....

Yeah, my husband hasn't said anything, but, I can hear him think 'when will she get this organized?' It's the tripping over of things (me & William) that screams out so loudly to me. Right now I'm so busy trying to put the remodel of the kitchen back together-trying to find space to put everything away-trying to find new places for 'what used to go there'-trying to put 4 other rooms back together from the over flow from the kitchen. So how can find time to 'clean up/organize' MY area? My land...this whole thing sure can get out of hand :-) Wish we could just go out for a good stiff drink and 'forget about it'. Aladdin where are my three wishes?  ;-)  

Oh boy now I don't feel nearly as bad as I did last year when I started on my decluttering project.  I'm living in a 12 room house and 3 of those are dedicated to my studio.  About 18 months ago I was upstairs looking around as I navigated through a pathway and said to myself that someday I was going to sell this house and I sure as hell wasn't going to clean it up 3 weeks before it went on the market.  So since then I've been on the Project of 25.  Every week I have to get rid of 25 things.  So I stand there and I look at the stuff I'm sorting through and ask myself "do I really want to move this?"  So far the answer has been NO.  Usually it's been "why did I think that was worth saving?"  And usually I get rid of more than 25 things.  Trash or donation.  Last Winter I had a very large dumpster in my driveway while rebuilding the front porch.  Cleaned out the basement, some large stuff from upstairs, it was wonderful.  May just order a small dumpster before I repave the driveway in a few years.    It's very cathartic.



Hey Martha-this last August, my husband and I went back to Minnesota to clean out my mothers' basement. We got one of those big dumpsters. We were only there for a week and a half, but, we were able to dump that thing 4 times! It felt good, even though it was only filled with newspapers & glass jars. I'm so afraid that when we go back this summer, there will be more in it's place......

As a prize for winning this challenge, I will let the winner clean my studio, preferably before I get home so I can start right in working.  I can make arrangements for you to get into my studio.

Sure. As long as you provide the plane tickets and free room and board, I'll come. And, if while cleaning, I find anything I decide is a second, you surely won't mind if I bring it home to decorate my house?  

Will you settle for a bus ticket?  And bring a tent.  Have you ever done any winter camping?  And, you are welcome to any work I left in my studio.  I would suggest taking something from my inventory that I have with me.

I used to be an avid camper. Do you live in an area of scenic natural beauty?  You would, of course, cover admission to the national or state park if that’s where I’m camping. I’m afraid I don’t have enough time to take the bus. But I’m getting ahead of myself….who knows, someone else might win. When someone else does, you can negotiate.


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