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Stimulus- Has anyone received or know of someone who got theirs?

I last heard that they weren't supposed to come too quickly. BUT- my son got his last week, and he's still working.

Just wondering if anyone wants to disclose. We haven't received anything.

Thank you!

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Our daughter qualified and received hers last week.

My wife and I qualify and have not received anything.

The IRS website finally updated to say that my father will be getting a check sent out for him on May 1st, even though he's got social security so it should have been a direct deposit. We'll see if it actually does up. I've been filing as his dependent, so I get nothing. But I'd suggest putting your info into the IRS website and seeing if it comes up with anything... the gov is still adding tax info in and seem to be pretty far behind.

I got my stimulus check this morning direct deposit. You can go to the web site and type your name. SS number, and address and find out when you are getting yours.

My wife gets direct deposit SSA and still hasn't received stimulus. So I typed her info into the IRS system just now and it says that her check will be mailed out May 1. The system also says May 1 mail out for my stimulus.

Hi Barry,

I have looked on the site before and went back today. It now says that my check is coming and even posts my bank acct #, but gives no date.That's ok, as long as I know that it's not lost.

UPDATE: Still no stimulus from Uncle Sam...

I got mine by mail on May 2nd. 

Everyone gets a stimulus check. If you want to make sure you get it quicker, go to the IRS web site and click on the link that says Get My Payment. Fill in your account number and your routing number. You will get a direct deposit. You have until next Wednesday to do this.

Mine was deposited Wed, May 8.

Not everyone.

We own a brick and mortar retail store.  It is an s-corp.  We do not qualify because they not only look at our take home pay but also include the business profit as our income.

I got mine April 29th. Everyone we know got theirs, except my Steve. His will come in a check.  I almost feel GUILTY as I would rather WORK!  HOPEFULLY some shows will open sometime in July-August-if not we'll have to sell other ways.  I know the States all have different rules about opening, so our sales will go to the ones who are opening 1st who I feel deserve our ART-retail or wholesale-whatever it takes! We just need to be careful-wear a mask & follow the guidelines that were suggested. We can't live our lives in total FEAR. Life goes on as with other viruses that have come & gone. Everyone-BE WELL & Steve & I wish the best for all the Artists & Crafters!


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