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Hello Art Community,

I just love it when a show juries in a timely way. Getting "the news" within a 2-week window is so helpful when trying to plan my show season.

Conversely, it seems the majority of shows make you wait closer to a month or more. New deadlines come up and then I am stuck in the "oh, heck" zone of having to apply to a 2nd or 3rd show for the same weekend.  And what's another $35 out the window? 

At present, I have 5 applications that are a month past deadline and one close to 7 weeks. 

Maybe shows could keep the application open longer or move the jurying up a bit? Sure would be helpful!

Would like to hear your thoughts and perhaps why show directors wouldn't go for this?


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Excellent information, Barb, and so helpful to have someone from a smaller event join in this discussion. I'd guess that at least 50% of the events out there are doing something similar to yours, small, non-profit, volunteer driven and maybe not using JAS or ZAPP. But that you do have deadlines, are responsive to artists concerns and to bringing something special to your community. 

I prefer not to call these fees "jury" fees, but "application fees" because there is so much more that happens all year long that contributes to the choosing of artists for a festival.

I also prefer "application" fee - and that's what it's called in Art Spectacular's application, exactly because of the "so much more" involved.  Thanks, Connie!

Thank you for the info Barb. Your timely process shows that it is possible to go from closing to notification in a shorter window. So helpful for an artist too.  

I have a newbie question.  I'm applying mostly to shows in my location with the exception of a few out of state bigger shows.  Are juries for DIFFERENT shows ever the same people?  For instance, if I submit to a show locally, what are the chances one or more jury members are also jurying another show that I might apply to locally?  Just curious if jury members are excluded from participating in any other juries that year once they have committed to a show?  Sorry if it's a dumb question.  Thanks!

My "educated guess" is that having the same jurors is not impossible, but highly improbable.  My best suggestion for the shows that you apply to is to check the show's website to see if they list the jurors.  Also you might find the information on the show's prospectus.  In other words, when applying look for that information on Zapp, JAS or Entrythingy.  If you are REALLY curious, you can always write to the show director and ask who will be on the jury.

Hope this helps.

Who the jurors are is very hard to find. Most shows don't release it, and for those who don't I doubt you could induce them to share the information. 

Thanks for joining the conversation, Mary. This site's mission is to provide transparency for all interested parties in this business that is not anonymous. Clear and direct information is so helpful especially to newer people trying to navigate all the parameters of participating in art fairs. It is also good to know, in both yours and Christina's case, that your interest lies in keeping channels open and responsive to the artists and shows. 

Umm ... 37 years? I think we first met 35 years ago.

I will contact a show 1 week after posted notification date especially if they are notifying by mail rather than email. I have generated a lot of tax revenue for shows in resort towns in Colorado and if a show doesn't want me in, there are others who will. 


I am doing my first shows this year, and all of the shows I've applied to have had their notification dates listed on their applications- and I received notifications from all of them on time. Maybe i just got lucky with the shows I picked!


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