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I'm begging at this point for someone to give me some direction as to how to figure out a step in my wordpress site.  As I posted earlier my web designer has disappeared leaving me with no-one to ask.  Larry Berman was kind enough to try and figure out my dilemma but it seems my guy had his own wacko way of setting things up that is unknown to anyone else! That means my website is virtually useless to me now.  If anyone if familiar with wordpress or knows how I can get help PLEASE contact me.  This was a big hit in my budget to do this and I'm sick knowing it may all be a waste. Thanks!

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Barrie, I don't think u understand how tough it is for me with computers.  I have made my own website and it took me months and those months were miserable.  I wasn't happy with it in the end so I  decided to bite the bullet and spend the money for someone else to do it.  I can't even fathom starting over.  I have no idea what happened to the guy who built it.  He doesn't answer email or phone. I know how to navigate this site now EXEPT for this one stupid step which unfortunately is pretty important so I"m not going to abandon it.  I'll get it figured out hopefully!

I have a wordpress site, and have used for several years. Actually, since May 2012.

What is your question: perhaps it is one that I can help with.

Or I can possibly show you how to manage the site yourself. It's really not much more complicated than posting on this site, unless your designer was trying to overlay some other format on top of Wordpress.

Here's my site For What It's Worth. (I don't do sales, just blog and promote for visibility.)

Hi Camryn!  this is my problem.  If you look at my website,, there is a segment titled gallery.  It is divided into three sections, garments, scarves,and handbags.  In the garment section the first two thirds are fine but if you click on the last few items it won't connect to that page.  When this guy set it up he told me the garment section had to be linked differently than the scarves and handbags.  No one can figure out how to link the garment pages to the gallery.  I wrote out the steps he told me to do but something is missing.  Any ideas?

In Wordpress, I create a page, and upload photos directly to it. I don't have to do any special action in order to link images to a page within my site.
If you want to click on an image and have it go to a different page, the simple workaround is to upload the photo to wordpress, and while on the "edit" page, click on the photo, then the "link" icon. A pop up box will ask where you want it to link.

Have the page where you want the image to connect open, and copy and paste that URL into the pop up dialogue box. Save and publish the page.

I've had really good luck with Upwork.  As Scott mentioned post your job and you'll get plenty of quotes - just look at the freelancers feedback to pick a decent one.  I've had all kinds of work done from various freelancers on the site - everything from business card design to my website (  For my website I think I ended up paying around $500.00.  I picked a designer from the US - I had quotes from other countries that were less - but didn't want to deal with potential language barriers.  Hope this helps!

Thanks Robert.  I don't know that it's worth hiring a freelancer for this one question.  I certainly don't want to start completely over for one step.  I'm hoping to find someone who knows right of the bat what I'm missing.

Can you share the directions you were given and I can see if I can grasp what is meant?

Here are the directions.  Go to projects page, highlight short link, edit, copy, go to pages, click on garments, edit, go to url link , edit, paste.  Seems straight forward but something is missing because it doesn't work!

It's hard 'cuz I can't see what you see, so let's elaborate:

1. on the web, go to the live page called projects. (Do you know what he means?)

2. highlight the link and copy it. (Don't know why he has "edit" there, do you?)
3. go to pages ... probably the "pages" list in your wordpress site.

4. click on garments ... probably "garments" is the name of the page you want to change.

5. Again, "edit?" not sure what he wants there. I assume he means you have to click something to say you are going to edit the page, not just view it, so look for a little pencil shape in wordpress if you don't see the actual word "edit."
6. He wants you to paste the URL that you copied earlier ... I just don't know where you want it. You have to highlight SOMETHING (A photo, A word, A page name?) and then click the small "link" button. A dialogue box should open, and say something like "where do you want the link to point" or have an open line where you insert the URL (web address) you copied earlier. Paste in the box.
7. Preview your page and see if the link does what you want it to do.

8. If looks correct, "save" and "publish." Or just publish if that's the choice offered.

Camryn, Would it be possible for us to talk on the phone? You could walk me through the steps while I'm on the site. This is so confusing for me!  I'm going out of town for a funeral tomorrow and will be back Sat. night. If you want to call me anytime next week I would truly appreciate it! My number is 630 930-8544. Thanks again for the help!

Hi Sara,

If you do get stuck you can hire the freelancers by the hour - I'm sure your question wouldn't cost much.

The other option may be YouTube - they have a ton of videos on creating/modifying WordPress sites.

Best of luck!

Sara - I've worked with WP for a long time and would be happy to take a look at this for you.  It seems like it should be pretty easy to straighten out and you shouldn't have to pay anyone..  Unfortunately, I'm really jammed up for the next couple of weeks.  If Camryn can help you now, that would be great.  If not and you have the patience, I'll take a look in two weeks.  Just let me know.


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