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From everything I'm reading on the forums and blogs both shows (St. Stephens and Artigras) are going downhill - there doesn't seem to be much positive news on either show. I'm juried into both and need to make a choice. I'll be staying with friends in Delray Beach, so the commute would be about the same to either one. Sunshine Artist ranks Artigras slightly higher, but I know that's meaningless. Any thoughts?

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Hi Jacquelyn,

I'm on the waiting list for St. Stephens ( I do jewelry like everyone else!) The person I've been emailing with says that there are always last minute cancelations and seems to think I will end up there, though no guarentee. If I do end up there is there any advice you can give me about the show? Thanks- Robin

The Coconut Grove artists park in a large lot off of Panorama Drive, near the convention center. St. Stephens artists used to be able to park at a school 1/8 mile down the road from the show entrance. The school charged about $100 to park there per vehicle per show. Don't know if they still do this, but it was in the artist packet the year we did the show.

Hi David, well I have accepted the invite to the St. Stephens show. You mentioned "staying with friends" down in the area, I wonder if any of them have any feedback on the show that might be useful to help make a decision? Thanks Jackie

When we lived in Miami (2001-2003) we used to do it and it was very good. Of course, times have changed.  We do jewelry and Coconut Grove was even more competitive then for that media! Hope it works for you!



Hi Jacquelyn - although one of the friends I'm staying with is a painter, she has no knowledge of outdoor shows, so she's not much help in that area. At any rate, I've decided on Artigras - I guess we can compare notes on how each show went in a few months. Thanks, David

Wise choice picking Art Grass. I've always been lucky enough to do Coconut Grove, although I still think I'm living in the '90's when the show was greater than great. I'm pointing that out because my viewpoint comes from reading the reviews over the years and seeing parts of St Stephens. One thing about St Stephens. You want to figure out where you want to park before you start the show. The paid lots close to the show are not ultra expensive and because you will get to the show early enough, the lots will be open.


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