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Question for those that have exhibited here. I’ve been accepted into Belgravia and the Court sections and have to decide which to accept. I’ve read all I can find about both areas. I’m sure I’d be happy w either location, but what I’m concerned about is that I’m in a wheelchair most of the time. I’ve hear that there are a LOT of steep curbs and rough terrain. Additionally, I know Belgravia requires dollying in your stuff. I will have my able-bodied (but getting less so with each year that passes as do we all ;) husband with me so he does much of the setting up of the tent and walls. Still, my mobility is an issue and I’m quite concerned.

Does anyone have recommendations on either section, or, would it be a good idea for me to reach out to the 2 section managers to tell them my situation and get their opinions or ideas?

THANKS so much! Who knows, it could get cancelled anyway. Such a crazy year.

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The Belgravia section is a difficult set up without a wheelchair.  Narrow walkways, hilly, rocky, frequently muddy terrain.  The residents there, however, are the best. They look out for artists and take care of them quite well.  But even that wouldn’t compensate for the hard geography. I’d go to the Court, without question. Good luck to you.

I can only speak to the Court section of the show.  It also has its terrain issues on the sidewalk side of the show.  Also, first time artist traditionally are located inside the court area which can be a real mess if it rains. I strongly suggest you call Karen.  She has been with the show for a long time and is a great person who will go out of her way to help you.

Ditto what Al said. Do not accept Belgravia. It is not accessible from the street. The set up is tough even for the rest of us, Stephanie. The navigation to and from your booth would be arduous and once you're there you would be locked in and unable to get out because of the walkways and the people on the sidewalks.

St James Court you can drive up to your booth -- unless they put you in the "inner court" -- so request not to be there. Some booths are on the street precisely, others up a small curb. Yep, what Jeri said -- Karen will be glad to help you.

Thank you! I’ve canceled my invite to Belgravia with a heartfelt thank you and reasons why. And I e written to the court’s ppl to ask for help. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
I deeply appreciate the advice here. Truly. Thank you everyone. Being in the chair is a new thing for me and thinking ahead to what my complications might be is pretty hard. Especially when I’ve not been in a show w this kind of terrain before.


I think there is a satellite show in the parking lot of the church around the corner. If so, no curbs or grass to deal with.

Larry Berman

I just accepted the Belgravia Section, hope it works out, I will be traveling in from Denver, let me know if you need a hand. I have had good luck getting set up help from craigslist, whom I use for tent and pro panel wrestling, preferring to hang the work myself.


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