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Does anyone have experience exhibiting at the West End Baptist church location?  Is this location completely off the track of the main St. James & other Courts?

would appreciate a prompt reply if anyone can advise me on this. (I am a jeweler)

Thank you!


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Hi Laura, It's directly across the street from the park where there are a lot of exhibitors so I guess it would get a decent amount of traffic. The last time I did the show, my space was on the sidewalk in front of the church facing the park and I did well but I haven't done the show in many years so I hope you get some feedback from current exhibitors.

Larry Berman

Hi, Laura: Did you just get called off the wait list or something?


Most of the Baptist Church lot is tucked away from the main show streets. Think “L” shaped, with the church being at the crook of the L. There is access from 2 streets (Magnolia, as I recall, and Fourth Street), but I don’t know how motivated most people are to go very far into it. I was a block away from it last time I did any St. James shows, and walked past it several times a day. There was definitely activity but I could not really tell who was selling. That said, the streets of the bigger shows can be so densely crowded at times that people don’t move into the booths. I did talk to a couple of people who said they do it every year. If you have any choice at all, try to get near one of the streets, rather than further away into the parking lot.


Work caliber, the year I walked through/past it most, was more uneven than the other shows. Some good stuff and some that would not get into high end shows. It is a very small show.

The funny thing about St. James is that there are all kinds of spaces, directly in the midst of the big crowds and some in crannies you wouldn't think would be good for anyone. This is one of those shows where you can succeed or die in any of those spaces. Some people swear by their spaces and say there are none better. Others will never return unless they get a prime space, etc., etc. Your space is off the main streets so you won't see the whole crowd (don't think anyone really does) but as Linnea said some people will step into your area to get away. 

Feeling adventurous? This show is worth a try, in just about any space, because the stories just don't stop coming. Search for St. James on the site and you'll get lots of stories.

How did it go? Good? bad?


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