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Square's announcement today that the new card reader, which all merchants will be required to use by October 15, 2015, will cost $29.95 is especially disappointing in that the the reader will be obsolete on the day it is shipped.

Square has continued on its spectacularly unsuccessful strategy of being the outlier. The now no longer free reader will support EMV, the European Master Card-Visa standard which Visa announced its plans to implement in 2010. It will not support NFC, the contactless standard which allows for totally secure transactions with no chance of hacking of data. 

All of Square's competitors have announced that upgrades to their payment terminals will be available to their merchants at no charge. We have 11 months to go shopping and find another alternative to what was, at one time, a spectacular product. "How the mighty have fallen"

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I have heard nothing about the. Are they notifying people?

It's on the Square site, "Square reader for chip cards"

Found it and pre-ordered one. It is a small price to pay for a system I really like. Other charge companies may offer free upgrades, but they charge more per swipe and do not have some of the functions Square provides. I think that in order for them to keep their percentages low, they are charging for the unit. It is a one time cost compared to higher interest rates that are taken every time you use them. I will stay with them for now.

After having spent almost 3 decades stuck with monthly fees, knucklebusters, terminals plugged into analog bag phones, $500 wireless terminals that have failing modems, access fees, per charge fees, etc, $29.95 is a bargain!

I just came into the 21st century kicking and screaming by getting a $50 ATT Go Phone so I could use the Square. So as long as it works for me, I'm staying with them. I'll get the new reader sometime soon, as I do two shows near the Canadian border and we get many customers coming down for the show.

Based on this and an earlier post it sound like you folks were pretty miserable with Square.  We have loved it, as have many artists we know.  To each his/her own.

I think it's a bit of an exaggeration to say that EMV readers will be obsolete on the day of issue.  As for NFC, it will be interesting to see how this plays out.  The early adopters, imho, are not likely to be the ones buying at art shows.  More likely to find them at Starbucks.  I could be wrong of course.  Time will tell.

In the meantime, Square works fine for us.

It will probably be a long time till people stop carrying actual credit cards. I figure Square will probably introduce the software eventually. I believe that NFC depends on your particular cellphone having that ability. You would then not need any swiper unless you don't want to miss sales from all those luddite credit card users.

NFC is a two way street. Both the patron and the artist must have the capability to communicate with each other. There may be exceptions but I am told by my local rep that all smart phones have NFC capability. Cell phone manufacturers did not add the extra radio and antenna in the hope that maybe some few customers might use it. 99% of all merchant processors have offered to upgrade their customer facing terminals at no charge to the merchant. All of these terminals will have the capability to accept swiped cards and keyed in cards.

This is not a software issue. Both artist and patron must have devices with radios and antennas built in. The current NFC spec requires a 2 inch long antenna which is why square did not offer the capability in the newest model.

The issue that everyone is missing is security. Retail CEOs are paying attention after the chairman of Target lost his job over a data breach. Apple Pay is orders of magnitude more secure than any other payment card system. The iPhone has a chip inside which is solely designed to encrypt data. When a payment card number is entered into Apple Pay, which can be done in seconds by taking a picture of the card, it is immediately encoded into this chip and is accessible to no one.

Recall that when the iPhone 6 was announced, the Director of the FBI held a press conference to complain that unbreakable encryption was a threat to national security and that Congress should outlaw it.

When a transaction is processed using Apple Pay, the transaction passes through the merchant's terminal without ever being stored. It can't be stolen from the merchant because they never have it. Merchants will soon offer incentives, likely as discounts, for the use of encrypted transactions as it greatly reduces their costs and loss potential. Consumers generally respond to financial incentives, so the adoption of these technologies is highly likely to proceed much more rapidly.

My cell telephone is strictly a talk phone and i really don't have a clue if it is capable of all that fancy stuff the new all purpose phones do. i just talk on my phone and it doesn't take credit cards. i use my apple tablet for doing that with the square.

Same here. I only use my cell phone to utilize the Square and I talk to my wife when I'm away. That's it.

I am sure square will keep up with the marketplace and all of the current credit acceptance needs. They are the number one provider in the market for most of us and I am sure they will do what is necessary to stay that way. I have used Square for years and have 100% satisfaction and will continue using it. The $29 is not a big deal and I will certainly purchase one as a ssatisfied customer

WalMart and other major retailers announced they will not be accepting Apple Pay and is going with CurrenC as the transaction fees are too high with Apple and CurrenC offers the customer more choices.

GOOD...!All of the choices and options are what make good competition and keep all frombeing a monopoly.


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