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Yesterday Square sent me an email that someone logged into my acct. 

The email only said that I should change my password, which I did- to everything that I have that has that password.

I wanted to warn others in case this could happen to you.

NOW I'm thinking that the hackers had access to lots of customer's credit card info so I plan to contact square about this.

Anyone else ever heard of this?

And, please be watchful everyone.  Never thought about all of the info that is on that site!

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I haven’t heard anything from square. I hope you didn’t click on a link in that email, and instead went to your square dashboard to change your password. I get emails all the time telling me I’ve been hacked. I call the contact the company 1st and so far all the emails have been phishing scams.
Sorry Judy, but as Kate Hetzel just said before me, I can say with 99% certainty that you have NOT been hacked, but have duped into a phishing scam (if not familiar, google “phishing scam”). Within your original post, I can read multiple signs that you are not super tech savvy, including the fact that you have just openly posted on a public forum that you use the same password for multiple things - a) you should not do that, and b) you should not have posted the fact that you do that on a public forum for the world to see! You make it sound like you’re the type of easy target they’re looking for! As Kate said above - I sure hope you didn’t click on the link in the email, but rather opened a separate browser tab, logged into square, and did it that way. If you clicked in the email link, my cousin Prince Abdula from Somalia needs you to deposit $1000 in an account to help unlock his vast fortune of which he’ll send you half as soon as .......sorry.....too much? Lesson point - do what Kate suggested and call Square on the phone and ask about the legitimacy of that email.

Also note, many higher security logins (financial companies, etc) will send an email saying “a new computer was used to login to this account - was this you?” which is perfectly normal security procedure, when you do use a new phone/tablet/laptop/etc, or even after you’ve cleared the browser cache, or sometimes even after installing a browser/OS update.

Thank you both for replying. I must be lucky because I know what phishing is and have never had it. Except in the 90’s with the easy to see Nigerian ones. 

Chris, I see what you mean...but I’m not saying that I use the same password for everything! And, yes, since this is public I won’t give details.

Square is the one and only site that emails me every time I log on, with the exact type email that I received this time. Of course it’s always me so I disregard the emails. 
I didn’t use the link.

If I wasn’t hacked— that’s a relief.

Hi! Good thing you knew not to click on the link that came in the email.

I know it can happen, but square is one of the most secure sites, which is one reason I stay with them, and I have never heard of a hack into their site or from their site.

Good luck moving forward.


Thanks, Donna.

I realize now that I was not hacked, although I did check with square, and yes, I like working with them even if it takes some time to get replies.

Just to clear up- I've been fortunate, BUT a month before this happened I had a guy who did some work for me use my credit card number to pay off some of his bills!! Very blatant and easy to catch up with! He and I had discussed using square, so my first thought was that he could be connected to this. 

It's great to have help here sorting things out!


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