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Any sugesstions on software or creating your own spreadsheet to keep track of sales and sales tax.  I am not the most organized person and do not have a lot of time to use a complicated system due to my stressful day job.



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  • I use Excel spread sheets that I create for tracking show data and inventory. I use Peachtree accounting software but it is overkill. Each time I have upgraded my computer I had to upgrade Peachtree. I only use Journal entry, to get the trial balance, balance sheet and income statement that my accountant wants at year end. I'm thinking of switching to Quick Books with next computer upgrade.
  • I use an excel spread sheet I developed.  I mainly do shows in my local area and within my own state.  Due to my day job, I don't have the time to travel any distance for shows.  I have sales tax included in my price so I don't have to hassle with it at the shows.  I put in the amount and the sales tax rate for that area and have a formula that calculates the rest.  It is already set when I have to file my quarterly sales tax report, I just use that information and fill in the blanks.  Works great.

  • I use either Excel, Google Docs,  or the Open Office Suite.

    They all work the same for spreadsheets, however, Google Docs is available online so you can get it on your smart phone- allowing you to access it anywhere- like at a show, during slow times. I can update, change etc. wherever I am with Google Docs. I also use that same spreadsheet to record any expenses associated with each show- travel, tolls, meals/lodging etc, and it is my show Database- all my past shows, contacts #, booth size, anything pertaining to the shows is there, this is the doc I use for determining what shows to do for my season. It's pretty handy!!

  • Nancy, have you checked out google docs? Their software is very adaptable and can be customized pretty easily. I use it for lots of record keeping.

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