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A feature on the new iphone 6's and the new ipads is an app called Apple Pay. You load your card numbers into your phone and they are immediately encoded into a chip in the phone. When you want to pay for something, you hold your phone near the card swiper and the encoded information is passed directly to the bank.

You never see a card or card number as a merchant, so no way for your data to be stolen. With 100 million iphones sold in the US in less than 60 days, it's likely just a matter of time till we see these. I am told that most card readers can be upgraded.

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This feature works only on iphone 6 and new ipads. But understand, this is only for patrons, not merchants. As apple pay devices become more popular, we, as merchants will see more and more demand from our patrons to accept this form of payment. Nothing is required on the part of artists who accept payments except to upgrade their customer facing terminals, which will be required anyhow as a result of the Oct. 15 2015 to upgrade to EMV, and can be done at no cost.

I imagine in the more urban and suburban areas of the country where everybody must have the latest and best tech stuff you'll find people using this method of payment.

But in the country it'll take longer. Much longer.

The age of the people who attend the shows I do are mid 30s and up. I just did a show in Burlington, VT and when I processed cards with my new Square, I asked if the customer would like an email or text receipt. A few said nobody gets their email address, and a number said they don't own a cell phone and could they have a paper receipt.

I know you're exited about this, but this one feature isn't enough to make the over age 25 world suddenly go out and get the newest Apple product. 

I was just talking to a techie friend and she said this system is Apple's response to Google Wallet which basically does the same thing.

It's important to understand how the systems are different:

1. Secure Element and Secure Enclave
Apple Pay is a digital identity solution in payments minimising risk and in turn fraud. They did not disrupt the payments ecosystem rather they approached the existing landscape with the intention to make it more secure. 

TouchID + Apple Watch biometrics + Secure Enclave have created a new standard of validation in payments. This was not only important for adoption and scale, but resulted in a more secure way to pay than entering, tapping or swiping your card.

Best described by Brian RoemmeleWhat is Apple Pay and why is it important?

2. Storytelling.
Apple are genius at storytelling. Google Wallet was pitched, as the title suggests, a wallet... but we already have wallets. Best illustrated by Andrew HamadaWhy do people think Apple Pay is so innovative—an equivalent featur...

3. Patented extensions.
Patents for the extensions of Apple Pay into ticketing for events, transport.
Get Ready For Apple Pay Based NFC Access And Ticketing For Trains, ...

That sounds confusing enough to keep anyone away except the tencho geeks.

Who don't attend art fairs.


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