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is the theory that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps a couple came to my booth on Saturday at the Sarasota Masters Art Festival and did not say a word to me. However, they came back on Sunday and told me this story.

On Saturday, they thought that they recognized my work, they took my card, went home, looked up my website and came back on Sunday. They told me that they had been given a large bowl of mine by their son (that he bought in North Carolina) years ago and that they loved it. The bowl was signed with my name, Jackie, Black Creek Pottery and dated 1995 (a period when I sold wholesale). 

FYI, the picture on my business card has a bowl that is similar to ones that I made in 1995, my one of a kind "signature bowls", each different in design and decoration, but the style is similar. The couple also decided to add to their collection with a purchase of a beautiful large platter that just came out of the kiln and some other great pieces. 

It was unbelievable that this couple would come to this particular art show and that I would be there and that they would stop by my booth and recognize my work.....Whooooh It was my first time exhibiting at a show on the West Coast.

Thanks goes out to Connie, as I won the show fee, second prize in her AFI contest last year, and to Richard Sullivan of Boulderbrook Show Promotions for donating the show fee. After getting drenched while setting up on Friday eve, the weekend weather turned out beautiful, the location was beautiful and, (for me) the sales were good. But the highlight of the weekend was meeting this really great couple!!! Now I not only have new customers but new friends.

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How wonderful!  I love it when customers return and sometimes bring friends.  It is very reassuring.  I am sure they were just as pleased to meet you as you were to meet them.  Having something they loved made it special to meet the person who created it.

Thank you Jeanne, yes it was. Have a great year!

Great story, Jackie! Thanks for telling it here. Sounds like the son really knew the taste of his parents. Now you have fans on the West Coast, who I have a feeling, will be telling this same story to their friends. 

Got to love the art fair business.

I LOVE stories like this! It's so cosmic :D and how wonderful that they got to meet the artist of a piece they love and you got to meet some admirers of your work! Super cool. 

Thanks for the story Jackie.  Those are the special things that make this line of work so meaningful. 

Great story, Jacquelyn!  It's stories like these that keep us all going, isn't it?  Congratulations to you for this wonderful connection and for sharing it with us.


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