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Hi, everyone - For all sorts of reasons, I am going to cut down on the number of shows I do; not do the hard, dangerous, windy ones; and do more one-day shows, which I rarely do now because I am always alone, and my set-up prohibits it. So I'm going to sell my Lite-Dome, lights, desk, etc., and buy an EZ-Up or at least easier-up type tent. I do not want a real EZ-Up, but one of the similar but stronger and better-made ones. 

But without being at shows for way more than a year, I can't remember the brand names! And who knows, maybe there are new ones?

Eurmax is one, a friend reminded me, but what others? What's the one with the curtain-like sidewalls?

What do you all like? 

And for those of you who have the EZ-Up kind of tent, do you use an internal pole structure - sheesh, I can't even remember the names of these things! 

Is there an EZ-Up-type of tent that can be configured with a back door? 

Thanks for your help! 

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I have three different tents; a Eurmax 10x15, an EZ-Up that's around 20 years old, and a 9' tall 10x10 Trimline. 

The EZ-Up was one of the heavier duty ones that Sam's Club used to sell. I added Sta-Bars to it, three sides at the bottom, and that has proven to be very useful as the tent has ridden out two Hundred Year Storms, and several severe storms. I did replace the canopy with a John Mee top and that still has life left in after over 15 years of service. Flourish makes a similar replacement top, along with accessory hardware for the Sta-bars and brackets for awnings. 

The Eurmax is sturdier with the hex legs, and Flourish now has Stabar adapters for the legs. The Eurmax tents are heavier construction as my 10x15 weighs almost a hundred pounds, but the bag for it has a metal bottom with large wheels. I don't know how much the 10x10 weighs, but a good guess is around 60 pounds. Both have center poles and scissor struts.

I use Propanels, so a rear door is always used. I sit behind the door, in the middle so I can greet everyone and carry on a conversation.

Flourish makes the adapters for both lower and upper Sta-bars. I use the upper Sta-bar clamps and some custom cut length EMT pipes to make a rear awning that the rear tarp goes over to create an awning. In some locations where there is enough room, I'll use awning poles just a bit shy of 5' for a back awning, and sometimes extend the entire back tarp out to 7'. For the longer extensions, I'll use a 3-way fitting and use a couple of extendable painter poles for support legs in the back. For colder weather or rain, I use two extra side tarps ran around the awning to close it in, and the rear flap becomes the roof. 

The advantage for the scissor struts is that they are convenient places to mount small fans and lights. I use six 14-Watt LED work lights for lighting the booth. each is about 1400 lumens, the same as a 100-125 watt conventional light. Four lights point to the left and right sides and two point toward the back. A six outlet strip zip-tied to the center pole up high keeps all the cords out of the way and not as noticeable.

Hey Robert,

I don't want to hijack this tread, so I'll send you a friend request. I've got a question.


I clicked on the friend request and the message disappeared when I accepted, so I lost the email address. Just go ahead and send your question to me on the internal email here. No problem.

Robert, thanks for all this info. Sta-bars, yes. Duh. How amazing that I couldn't remember that. So you were able to get a Eurmax with a back door option? Is that a special order?

Thanks. Good to hear from you. Though I haven't missed all the work and trudging and driving and hotel fees of the shows, I sure have missed my artist friends and the artist community in general. 

The back door option is just a special order back tarp with zippers. I don't bother with that and use my back side tarp as my awning. Here's a photo from a couple of years ago of that 10x15 with a back door. If I were using mesh panels, it would involve getting a bunch of adapters to make a shorter wall. 

I see. Thanks for the photo, it helps. I do use the mesh panels, but am starting to remember several set-ups that would work without the sidewalls. Man, am I slow at getting back into the groove.

Are there Sta-bars here that I'm not seeing? 

Not on this set up. I'll have to get new adapters for the hex legs on this tent. 

For the mesh panels, you'll need upper Sat-bars as well, and an end corner if you want a back door. I've noticed a lot of people use French walls at one end and hide the back door. My preference is to sit at the back door, out of the booth, and be able to see everyone who walks into the booth.

If weight is an issue, you might check out some of the Caravan tent models.

Thanks, Robert. Yes, my preferred place to sit it at the back, out of the booth. I have tried the French doors, and I think they look lovely, but make the back door thing difficult. Also, I often have one HUGE painting with me, and the French doors can make it hard to display that big one. Lots to think about. I will check out the Caravan. Weight is indeed an issue.

Do you know the name of the one that has the side curtains that tie up to the corner poles? i.e., they don't roll up. It's not a look I love, but I have two frozen shoulders and overhead work is tough. 


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