Hi all, I'm new here to AFI.  I'm recently retired and hoping to make my life long PASSION FOR ART into a second late in life career.  Right now am in the R&D phase and working on my business plan.  I have found invaluable information here and appreciate all the generous support from other artists.  Really, there is nothing else like this out there in the way of forum activity that I have run across. 

Anywho... wondering if anyone has used the Show lights from Silicon Lightworks that have a dedicated Lithium battery pack.  http://siliconlightworks.com/  It looks like the battery can support two or more of their lights with battery time going down with each add on.  Wondering how bright these lights are and what your opinion of this product is? 

I make Sterling Silver Jewelry with minerals and gemstones and will need the sparkly light.  I am intimidated by the Marine Deep Cycle Battery setup.  Thanks for any replies and for all the comradery here in AFI! 

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  • We have been using this system as well and love it. It is so compact and easy to use.  We also use the universal mounts on the poles of our Trimline.  We have found that two lights per wall is not quite enough light for us.  We started with three kits and will expand on that before next year.  Definitely worth the investment.

    • Thank you for the info.  I am feeling much relieved to know that there is something easier available in the way of lighting.  Looks like the universal mounts also will be the way to go. 

  • Hello, I found a flyer in my booth about this system and almost threw it away until I really looked at it and thought I would give it a try. I purchased 3 kits and I must say I am very impressed!!! No more pain in the ass track lighting and heavy batteries to lug into the hotel and charge at night,,,,, (I always got strange looks from people in the elevator about that lol),,,,,I am actually going to purchase one more kit soon. I went with the universal brackets and they worked better mounting them to the top poles of the tent rather then to the top of the Pro Panel because its more secure against the metal pole rather then the carpeted panel. Another thing I did was I got Pro Panel to custom make me what they call "diddy bags" I think I did an 8x10" bag with Velcro on it so that the battery and extra wires will fit inside the back and  I stick it to the top of the panel so it blends in and I can hang artwork on the outside wall without the look of the wires hanging down. I have some pictures I can share. Some people may think that they are expensive but I think they are worth every penny! The batteries last all day and have USB ports so you can also charge your iPhone or whatever if you need to. The only thing I did not really care for was the hard carrying case,,,I felt that it was not really big enough to fit just two lights in so I wouldn't bother getting that. The track light bag that Pro Panel makes is perfect. Hope this helps.




    • Thank you for your reply, information, and pictures!  Very helpful.  I agree that the cost up front is higher for this system but after having read extensively, some of the threads on various lighting solutions, marine batteries, and setups, I think in the long run this will be more cost effective.  By the way, your work is stunning.

      • Thanks! Yeah I think the lights show off my work well,,,on a cloudy rainy day without any light you can't see any of the detail in my art. I sold a $1,000 work of art the first show I had with these lights and it was a cloudy and rainy day. That one sale paid for everything so it was worth it to me!

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