Hoping for your recommendations for vendors/printers of quality booth signage.  This would be for indoor booths, so I'm not necessarily looking for weatherproof signs with grommets.  What I'm envisioning is either vinyl or even paper, or some other material that can be hung from the pipe structure at the back of the booth and sort of float in front of the drape. It would probably need to be weighed at the bottom somehow to hang straight.  I guess this would be something similar to retail signage. Can't seem to find a vendor online. Many thanks for any tips!

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  • My latest banner that I purchased is from Empire banners based in New york. The printing is a good quality, and the prices are very affordable.  a 1'x9' banner is listed as costing just over $20. I have no complaints, particularly with how they will put in grommets and pockets for hanging wherever you want.

  • Any local print shop will do the job gladly. A place you can order cheap business cards, things like this. It'll be cheaper and faster than any online orders, and people there usually are very helpfull. If you bring a sample design, they will be able to do whatever you want.

  • You might also check out shortrunposters.com

  • Vista Print - I have had great success with their banners.

  • I get banners from Oriental Trading Company. They are vinyl and cheap!

  • Vistaprint!!  i got the small banners and they are the perfect size to hang on my panels.
  • Staples did my banner.  I went to the store, but I'm pretty sure you can do it online.  Look for coupons and specials they have.
  • Any high end photo lab should be able to print your banner on Epson vinyl. I've gotten banners like that made for some of my artist clients. Have them sew a sleeve in the top and bottom for a dowel. Then drill holes in the ends of the top dowel to string fishing line through to hang it from the top of your booth.

    Store it rolled up in a shipping tube between shows so it doesn't get damaged.

    Larry Berman
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