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I you are concerned about shipping your art with USPS, be informed about what is going on in Congress:
Here is a petition to sign to hopefully help people working at USPS and override the mess that is about to happen.

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Around April or May there was talk of the Post Office going out of business and I heard that it was only a rumor. That was the time, you may recall, lots of commercials on tv by the Post Office assuring us that they were still here to take care of us. I assumed the commercials were put out to stop the rumor.  That is the last that I heard.

So, I hope that this latest isn't correct?

It's a known fact by those of us that use the PO regularly to ship, that things have not been going as usual due to the pandemic. I had my first broken pot in 15 years and over 900 shipments. I have had other customers tell me that the pots are making it but the boxes are really going through the ringer!

I sent a package Saturday before last by USPS Priority, my usual way of shipping.  It took a full 7 days to go from Louisiana to New Jersey.  The customer was not happy but there was not much I could do.  I have never had a package take so long before.

They have to last at least to the election. The current postmaster is determined to shut it down. The guy has a large vested interest in a delivery service, and of course part of the issue is to snafu the mail in ballots for the election. Sorry to drag politics in this but this stuff is in the papers constantly.

If this is too political, feel free to delete it.

You are very very correct. Donald Trump has installed a new Postmaster General & Yes he has a vested interest in slowing down the mail service. He has cut overtime for all postal carriers & that alone has slowed mail service by 20%. Donald Trump is trying to steal the Election by having his Postmaster throw your ballot out by not post marking it until after the election. So if you vote by mail get it in the mail 10-14 days before the election. Also EVERYTHING IS POLITICAL.

USPS has started a Loyalty Program for Click and Ship users. Rewards are $20-$40 back for 8/1/2020 to 9/30/2020, and then starting in 1/2021. I am off to the mountains for a much needed break from studio work. Lots done, but lots more to do when I get back. Ha, I finally had time to finish up two pairs of pink suspenders for stock and a pair for my grand daughter. Finally some fun stuff. Here is the USPS link about the reward program:


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