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Can anyone tell me if seven foot Pro Panels  fit inside an EZUp canopy? I have a set of seven foot panels but am looking for breakdown panels to better fit inside my minivan. But if I don't find a set of breakdown panels or used Trimline, I'm going to get an EZUp from Sam's Club and use it with my seven foot panels until I can find a Trimline.



Larry Berman
Digital Jury Services

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I have an EZ-UP style tent (not the actual brand) and the shorter set of the KD panels.  I think they're six feet high?  I can't use the taller ones because the ProPanel stabilzer bars won't fit past the canopy cross braces.  If you only use the stabilizer bars for very short runs at the corners it might work depending on how you place the panels.  Either way I would strongly suggest you get the canopy hooks with the KD panels.  In high winds the KDs want to buckle at the center seam and the hooks make everything more rigid.

Hi Marty,


I have a set of dark gray panels. 9 seven foot 38.5 inch, 1 each 20, 24, and 30 inch wide panels


Larry Berman
Digital Jury Services

Larry, I have the 7-ft propanels and used them with my Costco EZ-up Caravan tent.  It takes a little juggling and creativity with your layout because the stabilizer bars on the top can interfere with the tent roof bars, but it can be done.


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