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I have been approached to sell rights to some of my photographs to be mass produced and sold in catalogs like Pottery Barn's.  Does anyone know anything about selling rights, things to ask beforehand, and what's reasonable to expect?  I'd appreciate any ideas/comments.

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It's called licensing. Are they reproducing the images or are you to provide prints? What size, how many, how long is the arrangement for? Usually to determine licensing fees, FotoQuote is used. but it requires all the variables to be plugged in before it will give you a range to negotiate within.

Bottom line is that both you and the company licensing your images need to be satisfied with the arrangement.

Poster companies usually pay between 5 and 10% royalties for selling paper but they are paying to have the posters made in advance. What kind of company is looking to license your images, because it sounds like a poster company?

Larry Berman
Digital Jury Services
I don't have any details yet as a scout approached me at an art fair this last weekend. I just thought I should know something before they call. Thank you for the quick, helpful response.
I forgot to add that besides the percent royalty, poster companies usually pay a cash advance of somewhere between $100 and $250 per image of which is deducted from your royalty. That insures you get something for your trouble even if the paper doesn't sell.

In the past, I've licensed over 80 images for posters and I have a current contract with Current, the greeting card company.

Larry Berman
Digital Jury Services

What is the deal with images on FaceBook? I have heard different explanatins. Who owns the images? How can FaceBook use them? If at all?

I knew some of you out there would know how to get me launched! THANK YOU!
Something I just remembered. Read the fine print of the contract carefully. I was once approached by a company that wanted to license some of my images for downloadable greeting card templates. In reading their contract it specified that if the company was sold, my images became part of their assets so I asked for that paragraph to be removed. Their response was that they were trying to get bought out be Microsoft and wouldn't it be great to see Microsoft using my images. Needless to say we went our separate ways.

Larry Berman
Digital Jury Services

I just want to back up Larry's comment. Many companies will also take the copyright of all your images so read the fine print in the contract.  Contact your local Lawyers for the Arts in your state. Ask for a free consultation if possible.


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