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Selling Flourish Trimline Tent - Like New - Used three times

I have a Flourish Trimline Tent with StaBars.  It cost $1,050 when I bought it.  I used it for three shows, and it's been in storage ever since.  I don't think it's even been rained on.  I'll sell it for $500.  It also includes four weights for the four corners.  I have a bunch of lighting equipment that I used and I'll throw it in for free.

I also have the Mesh Panel Set for it which was also used only three times.  I cost $525 new, and I'll sell it for $200.

I'm in Denver.  If you're at Taste of Colorado on Labor Day weekend, I'll deliver it to you personally.

Call or text me at 303-841-7065.

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Rob, I sent you a friend request so I can send you messages. One thing I need to ask before I buy....can these mesh walls be used in a pop up if I use stay bars? I see that there are mesh walls for trimline and mesh walls for pop ups. I'm assuming that if I put stay bars top and bottom I should be alright. Just want to make sure that I can use these

Thanks again!

Don, first let me say that I've never used a pop-up so I can't say for sure.  But here are my thoughts. 

I would think you'd be able to use them as long as the size of the top horizontal bars and what you use for the Sta Bars are the same diameter as the ones in a Trimline.  Also, the mesh is for 10' long walls in the Trimline, so the walls in your pop-up would need to be as wide as a Trimline 10' wall.


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