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Hi Art Fair World,

I am seeking honest critiques for my photography website. I have not yet started the show circuit, and my website is currently more of a portfolio than anything else. My background is in anthropology and archaeology, and much of my photography has a leaning towards that theme. I'm sort of a recovering academic. I built the website myself using Wix, but I am certainly not an expert on these things. I am seeking out opinions on the website and photography itself, what works and what doesn't. I'm thick skinned, so constructive criticism is welcome. The website is in many ways a launchpad. Thanks,



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Beautiful!  Really really pretty. If the intent is for looky-loo's, then you nailed it.  I was looking for prices, sizes, ... Sometimes people go away if they don't see the answers for fear of having to contact you and then disappoint you if they think it's too much or not exactly right in some way.  But if you aren't focused on sales at this point, then it is great. Best of luck!


The hardest thing about a photography website is getting it notice by google and other search engines.  Google used to have the saying of" do no harm."  Google has changed the way they do business.  Google is now reputed to put their own websites or ones that pay on the top of the listings.  Their new say is "make a lot of money."  No matter how great a site may be, if you don't pay someone to get your website on the first few pages of Google, You won't get any business.  It use to be that if you had a website called "" and you put the right text on the front and back of the webpages you could show up on the first few pages of google.  Not any more.  You have to pay someone to optimize your website, and that is a racket in itself.  I had a company that promised results.  When the year was up they had only succeeded for 6 month out of twelve.  They insisted I had to pay for another year and they would give me an extra 6 months free.  What would happen if in the next 18 months they only succeeded for 6 more month?  I think you can see where that is going, and it cost $4000+ for 20 key words.  If you choose someone to optimize your site for search engine listing, make sure they will work as many months as needed until the produce what they promise.

With regards to steeling images, If you pay a programmer to program in Linux they can prevent the download of image in Windows, but then someone with an Apple computer can get around that.

You might want to look at "".


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