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Welcome to our 50+ Secret Santa-ing group. Names were drawn on Dec. 7. What to do next:

  1. Open that email and you'll find out who you will be sending your gift to. 
  2. NEW this year: there is a link directing you where to put your mailing address. Do it now!
  3. Go to your drawn name's page on (Secret Santa 2020-Art Fair Insiders) and leave them a message. If there is not a mailing address ask them to add it to their page. Send a cheery greeting and ask for ideas on what they want from Santa.
  4. Decide on a gift. This is not about $$. It is about sharing your creativity, your art, some cool object that is handmade. Baking cookies is fine too. It's about community. 
  5. Put your package in the mail by December 22. 
  6. Leave comments below if you have questions AND post your gifts with photos if you can. There will be a prize for the most creative response. A highly respected juror will choose the winner. This year's prize is this photo by Robert Wallis, the lighthouse at Point Ninini, Kauai, Hawaii.

    See how last year's Santas posted their gifts here.
  7. Deadline for posting is Jan. 5.
  8. On January 6 we'll have a Zoom meeting to meet one another and show off our gifts. 

P. S. If you don't know how to "add an image" to your comment, click here for help: Get Started

Happy holidays to all my friends in Art Fair Land!

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Many, many thanks to Carol Knox for the beautiful cheese plate! You have no idea how perfectly this fits into our life right now. With this forced slow down from our usual mad pace, we've been enjoying our charcuterie nights. Since travel was not possible, we remembered places we'd been and places we'd visit again by using items from that region on our board. This is going to be a lovely addition to our new tradition. Thank you so much for your skill and kindness!

Thank you Ernie Kleven

for the awesome picture! I love it!

Who is the Uber Santa this year? It has got to be Leslie Turner who has gifted several of us. My thanks to her for my gift also. She read my Wish List and knew what I liked: color-pink; glass; handmade ... and what to my wondering eyes should appear? Check this out:

I am glad you like your earrings. Unfortunately some of my gifts have gotten hung up in the mail. And I may miss the Zoom party. My 82 year old Dad fell and broke his femur today. The VA hospital in Memphis had to find another hospital to take him because they were full. Covid strikes again. So my schedule is up in the air for the new little while as I deal with Dad's situation without being able to actually visit him in the hospital. Crazy Times.

I already sent Robert a rainbow to brighten his window, and I will be happy to send out more packages when I get home if anyone got left out or needs a little extra. If any of you ladies want a pair of earrings, send me an address and a color preference. Also post or dangle. Guys, if you would like a pair for your wife, girlfriend, or daughter, send the same info. I will get to everyone ASAP.

Your gift arrived on Saturday. I'm now looking for some suction cup hooks to hang them on my kitchen door, a wide French door. Thank you!

Be careful of suction cup hangers. They sometimes let go with time or temperature changes. Use larger suction cups than you think you will need and give them a tug every once in a while to make sure the suction is still strong. 

Okay, thanks for the tip :-)

Oh, Leslie. Too bad about your Dad. I've had family in the hospital in recent months and it has been really hard to be with them. Since my brother didn't have covid (respiratory failure) I was able to visit from noon to 8 pm, but his children couldn't be there when he died. 

When my brother was in the VA (a few years ago) I was very impressed with the feeling of community in the VA hospital, it was very consoling. Best wishes to your father, you too!

I did this wrong somehow but I did want to thank Michael Terra from Terra Cottage ceramics for my beautiful cup. I love it. It was worth the wait.

Wow, you did well, Angela. Good job. Nice  staging!

I want to thank my Secret Santa for the lovely fused glass items - a necklace, a magnet and a jewelry tray - so very lovely! I LOVE them all. Thank you and here's to a very happy and successful 2021 for all!

Sent with a Smile - Dona Antonelli


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