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Welcome to our Secret Santa-ing group. Names were drawn on Dec. 10. What to do next:

  1. Open that email and you'll find out who you will be sending your gift to. 
  2. Go to that person's link on and leave them a message. If there is not a mailing address ask them to add it to their page. Send a cheery greeting.
  3. Decide on a gift. This is not about $$. It is about sharing your creativity, your art, some cool object that is handmade. Baking cookies is fine too. It's about community. 
  4. Put your package in the mail by December 17. 

  5. Leave comments below if you have questions AND post your gifts with photos if you can. There will be a prize for the most creative response. A highly respected juror will choose the winner.
  6. Deadline for posting is Jan. 14.
  7. The prize will be a silver pendant that comes with a sterling silver chain, your choice in length, created by member Debbie Stillman.

The prize: This is “Oceania’s Baby”.  He’s only 1 1/4” long and is set with a tiny Aquamarine.  He is hand sculpted and is .960 Sterling Silver with a .925 Sterling Silver chain.

P. S. If you don't know how to "add an image" to your comment, click here for help: Get Started

Happy holidays to all my friends in Art Fair Land!

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I love abstract and am an avid bicyclist with a lime green road bike.  My amazing secret Santa, Patty DeMaria, must have an "in" with the REAL Santa since he must have given her those facts.  Patty sent me a beautiful handmade (con)Fused Glass business card holder in Lime green!!  Thank you so very much Patty and I hope "Santa" didn't fill you in on any of the naughty things I might have (or not) done in 2019.  Happy New Year!!

A heartfelt Thank you to my secret Santa Russ Mead. I love my one of a kind heron with the extra added color. I appreciate your design process and your professional mission. I've been to SeaSide, Oregon many times and it is a very beautiful inspiration for any artist. Beach Wishes for a Happy, Healthy and safe New Year.

Debra Stillman sent me the prettiest precious metal clay pendant! I love it. Purple is my favorite color and it will go with almost everything in my closet. I was thrilled when I opened the box (which was also very nice).

Oops! Did not mean to add two of the same photo.

I received a beautiful pair of earrings from Pam Johnson of Limestone Art & Glass! She sent them timely but I just unearthed them from the huge container of mail today. Can’t wait to wear them! Thanks Pam!!!

My apologies for not saying thank you sooner to my Secret Santa, Christine Lush-Rodriguez. I've been out of the country.

AND one of the pleasures of returning home is to find Christmas gifts awaiting!! It's a second Christmas all over again. 

Look at these: a petite gingerbread angel to hang on my Christmas tree (decorated on 1/6/20) reminiscent of the sugar cookies I made with my brothers when we were little and the clay ornaments I made with my boys when they were little (which got very moldy after 20 years or so). This will last forever.

And: a fine small dish trimmed on the edges with barnacles (that's what I think they are), reminding of recent days snorkeling in PR. It is perfect for holding a small votive. I love small objects and I'll keep these forever.

Thank you, Christine for these thoughtful gifts and for your support all of these years. 

I want to thank Brian Reagan for the Christmas surprise of the Patent Art Print. It is unique and will be a focal point for discussion for years to come. I love things that are different and unique and this certainly qualifies. I did patent drawings for various manufacturing industries for about 10 years when I worked as an in-house art director and understand the necessary requirements of said art. Thank you and  Happy 2020!

My Secret Santa was Robert Wallis and he is a photographer! I am always interested in see another photographer's work because it is like looking through their eyes. He sent me a framed image of the Ninini Point Lighthouse in Kauai, Hawaii and I believe it is during sunrise, it is truly a beautiful print! I gave him many things to pick from and one of them was all things ocean, he really came through with this! What he didn't know is that I collect lighthouses, they have a special place in my heart. This print ticked a lot of boxes, I am retired Coast Guard and lighthouses use to belong to the CG, some still do, and I was stationed in Hawaii years ago. So from this Florida Girl that has salt water running through her veins a very big THANK YOU to Robert for a wonderful gift!


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