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Is the Secret Santa exchange being done this year?

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If you'd like, Robert ... ready to play again?

You betcha! Just signed up :-)

You made me do it, Robert. I just needed a nudge ... didn't know if anyone was interested. Thank you.

Last year was a little wonky with some folks not knowing to post their addresses or not realizing they were supposed to acknowledge that they received their gift on the AFI Secret Santa thread. it looks like you covered that ground with this year's post.

I've always kept my "wish list" open to whatever the artist makes. If it's not directly usable by me (earrings, bracelets, necklaces) my wife enjoys them, so whatever is sent is appreciated by us. I got lucky with a couple of drawings I got and had landscape photos that were nearby to a couple of artists, one in the Bloomington, IN, area and another in the Virginia Eastern shore, so they were surprised by having something local for them ;-)

I know exactly what you are saying, Robert. I really cherish the gifts I've gotten through this exchange and think of the artist who sent it every time I look at it or use it. 

Last year was very trying, people wanting in and not signing up and then wanting in ... I did 2 exchanges. I really don't want that happening again this year. 


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