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I have been using Corporate Lodging Consultants service called CheckInn Card for a couple years now and have recognized significant savings on hotel stays compared to on-line services like Price Line etc

Have any others out there used them and what have your experiences been compared to other lodging discount strategies?

I found it through an article in Sunshine Artist a couple years ago. And just like Square, it has saved me some serious money

They have a couple program options and you have to check their fees on each option to get the best solutions for your needs.

There was a fee to join, don't know if it's still in place.

No, I don't own stock or get any perks for pimping their services. It has helped me save $ on travel

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Linnea- Do you recall when you were still on the lower rate plan, once you were within that 2- week time period, did your discounted rate offered on the CLC website vary from the actual amt  you were billed by CLC for your hotel stay?

That would certainly keep me from using this.


Well, after reading the blog from last year, (thanks for the info, Nancy) I am  hesitant to use the card, especially as I am unable to use the fixed rate plan.

When I was on my original plan – the percentage off plan - I did use it and then was charged more than I expected. I called and asked for an explanation. I was told (I hope I recall this accurately, but it’s been a few years) that the rate shown on the site is the rate for the fixed plan. They can’t show rates for the % off plan because that would mean tracking daily rates as they fluctuate for every hotel participating and inputting that data. Since I also feel like I need to know just what I will pay, I switched plans, and have had no complaint since. What I pay has been exactly what is shown on the site, plus the $7.95 service charge.  


I used to use Priceline entirely, but had some bad experiences. I have switched entirely over to CLC, except for the few odd locations where there is no CLC hotel  or there is a blackout date like a holiday weekend.


It takes some time to learn the site and how it works, but so does Priceline.


Shaari, maybe you want to call and see if you can talk a supervisor into enrolling you in the Fixed rate plan?  

Care to elaborate? I have used them for several years now and most of the mistakes which I have heard about or dealt with have been not on the CLC side of the service, but the hotels who signed up and didn't bother to learn what they contracted for.

Any problem I have had (save one) have been cheerfully handled by CLC. I also now have the VP's e-mail address so problems seem to get solved when I copy her

Here's one more weirdness.... If you do shows at resort towns or at the shore, there is soften a seasonal change in room rates made by the hotels. CLC negotiates different rates for in-season and out of season.. The seasonal rates change right around Memorial Day. The rates go up in places like Rehoboth Beach, DE, Cape May, NJ, Lewes, DE Also, you will see that if you look at the rates negotiated by CLC, the room rates can vary by the day of the week... weekend rates are often higher. However you are still getting good rates compared to priceline, etc...

So, you do have to know about seasonal rate changes and blackout periods... If you book six months out and assume you will get the rate you saw in January during July at a beach resort... you are in for a rude surprise

The fixed rate plan works well for me - though like others, I had to ask lots of questions before I got onto the right plan.

Mark, As of yesterday, I was unable to get into the fixed rate plan- care to share the VP's e-mail?

Maybe she would help?

Oops, not a VP, but Director of Product Management at CLC Lodging. Here's her e-mail

Susan Thomann ( If you are going to beat up on her, please do not mention how you got her e-mail. I have a good working relationship which I'd hate to screw up

Thank you, Mark- I'd only contact her for help with a problem, and promise to be discreet.

I signed up with clc over a year ago. They told me the "good" plan that I wanted wasn't available anymore. S I am on the cheaper plan, only option they could give me. With the cheaper plan their actual rates are much higher the what I can get with online bookings and coupons. Wished it did work


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