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I just had to post this, because I'm actually amazed I got a response this quickly. Framer Dude and I are leaving for a 4 month show tour through MI and New England, and I've been racking my brains trying to think of a way to defray expenses of living on the road.  So, I posted an ad on SW Michigan Craigslist this morning asking if anyone would be interested in bartering handyman work/ cleaning in exchange for a spot to park our RV with water and electric hookup for the weekdays between shows.  Guess what?  Not two hours later, I've gotten a place to stay on a farm 8 miles outside St. Joseph (Krasl show) for the first week of July!  Whew!  Campgrounds get expensive, and I really can't do a weekly or monthly rate because we won't be there on weekends, and we'll be changing locales every week.  The barter system is alive and well, and I've gotten a load off my mind!

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I also know some artists who are part of the Elks clubs and many of them have full service RV service for free or very reasonable rate if you are a member....just an idea for those trying to save $$$ right now.

Hi, I live in Southwest Michigan (Union, MI area) ... if an Art Fair Insider ever needs a place to overnight with a plug in ... feel free to let me know you will be in the area. 


thats awesome that you would do that. not to many people do these days.

thats awesome!!!!!!!!! i didn't realize living on the road was really that expensive, besides gas that is. i'm glad it worked out.

There there is Walmart ... they have a policy of allowing Motorhomes to overnight in their parking lots and there is power available. I did not know this until last year when we became friends with some ROAD WARRIORS.  I was told you can go to the Walmart company website and confirm which locations have power available for free hook up ... no water ... just power. Always a back-up plan. :-) 

We have been traveling to shows across the country for 12 years and have stayed at many Walmarts, but have yet to see one with hook-ups!  I went to the Walmart website and couldn't find anything.  Can you direct me to where this is found on their website?  I know some casinos have hook-ups, and Cabelas and Flying J have dump stations, but hook-ups at Walmart is too good to be true!

I found the following on the Walmart Corporate Site:

Can I park my RV at a Walmart store?

While we do not offer electrical service or accommodations typically necessary for RV customers, Walmart values RV travelers and considers them among our best customers. Consequently, we do permit RV parking on our store lots as we are able. Permission to park is extended by individual store managers, based on availability of parking space and local laws. Please contact management in each store to ensure accommodations before parking your RV.

My friends said that the site they used is an RV site and several list the No Parking and Parking Walmarts. The one they told me about was in central Indiana where the store installed electrical hookups in anticipation of electric cars. The car thing does not seem to be happening, but they just left the connect and so it has been used for RVs. I am guessing that the individual store manager made that decision and Corporate clearly does not know about it. LOL :-)

Thanks Lois for the info. That sounds more like it!

Another great resource for such things is  The people on there are wonderful and are located all over the country and world.


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