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Room for over 500 images.

The ZAPP update is complete and the first thing I noticed is that there is room for 1000 megabytes of images. At two megabytes each that would be 500 images. I wonder if they would be open to allowing us to create folders of images to keep styles separate. Once you go above whatever number of images you can see before you have to scroll, it might get confusing.

I'm going to have to go through the system and rewrite my instructions that I send out whenever I work on artist images.

Larry Berman

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The "About ZAPP" page has this:

Artists can upload up to 40 digital images to their online, individual image bank


I would not ever put any more images in their server than I absolutely had to for security reasons.  They do not do enough, as it is, to protect our images when any single show is allowed to post full size images on the web that can get grabbed and utilized in any number of illegal activities by people bent on fraud.   That, plus the fact that shows can use your images for promoting their event even if you never actually appeared in it, speaks to the major security and ethical issues that neither ZAPP nor their customer events wish to confront.  We are hostage to a system that has appears to have zero interest in protecting our financial interest or artistic integrity. That is my opinion and I have written about this at length.  Nothing changes and ZAPP is not entering into any productive dialogue with artists as they have no functional artist advisory committee at this time.  

They also apparently have zero interest in having any artists who are outspokenly interesting in creating industry change at their upcoming conference.  It will be more regurgitating of old territory and about as safe an investment as for-profit promoter shows in Chicogo.   Maybe they will serve good pizza.  That's about the only thing you could say in favor of going to that stupid conference. 

I have expressed a desire to speak at the conference this year. i have a show that weekend, but I would love to speak with them on Thursday on my own dime. So far, nothing, but i am sitting by my phone and thinking nothing but positive thoughts!

. . . 'cause that's how I roll.

Please start your own threads. This is nothing about the conference or anything else you might have issue with.

Larry Berman

But the connections were made and they are in the context of Zapp and image management, the conference is brought up as an extension of the issue of how to manage and protect images.

I just spoke to ZAPP and there will be a way to sort or create folders in the next upgrade.

If this thread continues to be hijacked, I'll delete it and repost.

Larry Berman

The thread was not hijacked.  I put up an opinion based on your post that ZAPP is not responsive to artists concern in re: protecting the security of our images.  I also made the connection that they did not respond positively to the concept of a concerned artist speaking at their conference. Bottom line - they are not responsive to artists concerns.  

Exactly what is it about these ideas that scares you so darn much that you must resort to censorship to keep us in line Larry?   You sound like some scared old man who is afraid of intelligent discourse on a topic specifically related to the issue you raised.  How is this so darn offensive?  

I saw a post recently about how people get taught what to think as opposed to how to think.  Certainly seems to fit whats going on here.  Keep it dumb and keep the minions in line, eh? 

And btw - what's with the conflicting language - do we get 40 images or 500?  Why don't you stick to the topic yourself if the other part is too damn challenging. 

Log into your profile and see what changes were made in image management where each artist now gets just under a gigabyte of space. Or would you just stand there and post about some obscure page they neglected to change. Each artist now sees it in their profile when they go to manage images.

As for anything else, start your own thread. You had no problem doing that when you complained about all the canopy questions.

Larry Berman

you so silly - as I stated before - I would not ever post a gig worth of images on that website.  What normal person would?  And I pointed out the lack of follow through on their part for a reason.  It is typical of how they approach their entire business IMO.   Just cobble together some strings of stuff and go from there...

What is your intent here specifically and what is the point of the post?   Why are you not working to get the bug of them allowing the misuse of our images fixed instead of pointing out some functionally meaningless aspect of their ability to write computer code?  Sheesh - for $10 I can get a flash drive and store my images in a SECURE place.  I don't need ZAPP to do that.  This is just an excuse to raise rates - like we all need to pay for their server upsize since they are the ones making big gobs of cash while we go to the poor house. 

And most artists don't need a ZAPPbot to tell them what they can see on the site themselves because   * surprise*     a goodly percentage of artists loathe ZAPP and want to see IT gone.


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