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This morning I found out that I was ripped off by They took 3 of my pieces right off of my Etsy site.

One of my customers found the listing and emailed me about it and  I  just got several orders for the ripped off items.
They are a Chinese company, website started on 2/4/21. Not a  lot of info about them. Everything they have for sale looks like they ripped off from Etsy.
At the bottom of their webpage is DMCA and a link to send to them to stop, I hope.
I just wanted to get the word out there, not sure how much can be done, will inform Etsy and let them know what's happening.

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Most likely those orders you received were from them. they order a few in to copy. It’s happened to me before... Leonard Fisher

Just saw an ad for one of your products by almighty Mars on Facebook! The voodoo doll incense burner. Took a screenshot if you need it. You can ask Facebook to remove the ad for copyright violation.

So sorry to hear this, Greta! Does anyone have any ideas on how to avoid this? I do know that over the years many of us have been lured by some surprise purchase from someone we've never heard of and that sounded too good to be true, but hadn't heard about ripoffs from Etsy. 


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