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I am looking for reviews on my booth shot for this year. Already rejected from Cherry Creek. (I know it is hard for a landscape photographer to get in and the booth shot is only 20% of the images they see)

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Nice booth picture. Not much to criticize but consider this. If you don't always set up in a double booth, a single booth will appear larger and more impressive to the jurors because the closer your images are to square, the larger they appear. It doesn't have to be a 10 foot booth. it can be 12 foot wide for the picture.

The work is nice and presented well. But I (and the jurors) have seen the same type of images from lots of other photographers over the years. The way to wow the jurors is to show them something they haven't seen before or something they've seen in a way they've never seen it.

Cherry Creek is probably the most difficult show to get into so you can't take it personally. It's fewer than a 10% acceptance rate (most shows are about 20%) compared to the number of artists who apply. They do have an open jury so you can sit in the back of the room as the images from round one are projected. That's over 2400 applications and the images get seen in under 10 seconds for the entire set of five.

Larry Berman

We were going to go to round 1 this year, but due to a family member passing, it no long fit in the schedule. When I talked to the event staff over the phone, they said you can sit in on round 2 but you need to leave the room when your category is jurying.

Still trying to find the balance of images for the jury process. Lots of people have the Utah shots (and others), but they sell well and catch the buyers attention. Is it frowned upon to have a completely different set of images in the jury booth shot compared to the ones you actually hang at the show? What about a set of different framing/print presentations that you do not bring to the show (ie only framed matted prints instead of only framed canvas)?

Utah shots that sell well have a place in art festivals, but maybe not Cherry Creek unless you're showing them something they've never seen before. What you may find is that your images sell well at shows not as desirable as Cherry Creek. You need to find your own level of shows to apply to.

Having one body of work in the individual images and booth but showing up with a different body of work is taking a chance on either being asked to pack up and leave or asked to take the non juried work down. You don't want to be in either situation. Better to apply to shows where you can get in and sell. Shows are cracking down by either carrying around a print of the booth image or transferring the jury images to an ipad. ZAPP has been offering shows a set of ipads with all the jury images on it for standards review for the past year or two.

Larry Berman

Really, anyone would feel good about having this as their booth shot. Very nice. It's interesting what Larry states about reducing it to a single booth since that fits the square format better. That may help. Maybe not? We have a few popular images in our portfolio that are three times as wide as they are tall and have NEVER used them as jury images for that very reason. The format just looks odd when juxtaposed with 9x12 or 32x40 format artwork. But I dunno if I'd change the booth shot if I intended to request a double booth in the show.


Incidently, anyone reading this thread might want to see the thread I posted about Booth Shots of all the Kentuck Festival of Arts artists. Aaron Hequembourg won BEST OF SHOW at Cherry Creek last summer and he does Kentuck as well. So his booth shot and three entries are viewable on Kentuck's website.


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