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This weekend is rejection weekend because the jury results from 3 big shows came out. That would be Coconut Grove, Winter Park, and Ft Worth. It's rejection weekend because for every one that got in there were 5-6 people who didn't get in. Hence, many more rejections than acceptances.

Without saying which is which, I got into one, got wait listed for one, and got rejected from one.

So, how about you?

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Rejected by Ft Worth Main Street. Was hoping to apply as an emerging artist (did my first 2 shows this fall), but you had to have 2 shows or less by show date, not application date (as others I found are).

Waiting on Woodlands/Houston selection results as emerging artist.

Sure wish there was jury feedback of some kind.  Was it my artist statement, booth shot, collection of images.  Hate being in the dark and trying to improve on submissions.

Ft Worth has an open jury. Did you attend and watch all the images projected? That's good feedback to understand what your competition is.

Larry Berman

No. I go to several Texas shows as a visitor (and will on this one) so I have a general idea. Do the jurors make open comments on each image?

Actually you have no idea until you see the images projected in a jury room. You may see artists with their work in their booths, but until you see the images projected you can't tell where your competition really is.

I think Ft Worth only lets artists in for the first round. Other shows let artists stay the entire time and even hear jurors comments, if they choose to discuss anything.

Larry Berman

Thanks....  will make a point to make a nearby one


Winter Park and Atlanta are only 450 miles apart. That's close together in my book since I'm from Wyoming. LOL! But the dates for those two shows aren't close together at all. So you'll be filling two weekends in between. You might try that Altamonte Springs show since it's a few miles from Winter Park. I don't know how sales will be, but they have some decent award money. You might get missed by a patron in Winter Park who will then see you in Altamonte Springs the very next week. Some local patrons go to all the shows, or as many as they can. Believe me, this scenario happens.

Gulf Breeze Celebrates the Arts is March 28-29, but it's all the way over by Pensacola, and that's 450 miles from Winter Park. We've done well there and will be back, but others have not and might not be back.

Jacksonville has a show on Easter Weekend held at Mandarin Community Club in that affluent neighborhood. It used to be a bigger show than it is now and they had a number of good awards. Patrons are ever present, too. They contracted with Howard Alan for several years and a number of artists dropped out while a number of Alan's artists joined the show. We've not been there since the change. The independent committee took it back a few years ago and Howard Alan is no longer involved. It's the Mandarin Arts Festival. We might be there since we don't have anything for Easter weekend and we'll be on tour in that area during that time.

So your route could include Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, Mandarin, and then Dogwood. I think that's right.

I'm fortunate that I'm near Nashville so just over 3 hours to Atlanta. I only want to piggyback a show onto the WP show so I can get some beach time in. ;-)

Exactly, Matt! Beach time is very necessary and one of the great parts of this business, as there isn't a lot you can do during the week when you're between shows. A bunch of our friends would all stay at the same motel in Miami and then rent a car on the off days and hit a LOT of beaches, museums, restaurants, movies, shopping. 

I did not apply for Coconut Grove.  No to Mainstreet Fort Worth and YES to Winter Park.  Quite a drive for me, but I have heard good things and kind of applied on a whim.  Any advice/what to expect from Winter Park?

So, gee, Barry what s the big secret?  Or has the snow froze your brain?

Nels, read my posts in this thread. I mentioned what show I got in, which one I got rejected from, and which show I am on the WL. Did you get back into WP?


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