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I'm wondering about this Redmond show that accepts only 70 artists, er, uh, 70 curated designers, artists, and craftspeople? Anyone have news about it? I love the idea of a show that size, and it's positioned a few weeks before that massive art event in Bellevue that I'll probably never attend due to cost and size of it. I would love to learn about the Redmond event, so if anyone has done it or been to it or has an opinion, I'd love to hear about it. Application deadline is April 9! WOOHOO!

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Bumping this to the top, trying to keep it alive.

Anyone got news about this Redmond show?

I was hoping to see some information on this show as well. It's not one I've done but Redmond is pretty close to me.  Even living nearby, I hadn't actually heard of this show until this year, which makes me wonder how widely it is promoted.  To be fair, I'm often travelling during that weekend so perhaps I've just been away when it was being advertised.

The Redmond Town Center location should see a decent amount of foot traffic even if the show isn't well advertised, but those people would not necessarily be art-buyers. That said, as with the larger Bellevue show you mentioned, there is a lot of money and purchasing power in Redmond.

Ultimately I decided to apply and see how it goes (should I even be accepted). I'm close by so no real travel expenses; hopefully between that and the low booth fee I can at least not lose money even if I don't get much profit.  Did you end up applying? If so, good luck and hope to see you there! If not, then perhaps I'll have a better report afterwards. If I don't get in I'll probably drop by to scope its potential for future years.

Hi Mandy; I was searching for summer art festivals in the seattle area and came across the Redmond one.  Wondering if you ended up doing it, and, if so, was it any good? 


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