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Is anyone here (hopefully another female of average strength) setting up their tents on their own?

I am using a craigslist emergency purchase pop-up tent. It's really hard to set up. Specifically, I have hit or miss success getting the corners to snap into place. I can't seem to really get the stretch I need without another person to pull/hold opposite of me. (Or a big strong dude nearby to come to my rescue and pop in the corners, but who wants to count on that every time?)

Yes... I keep the canopy loose, but those corners are still a hit or miss.

I see videos of tents that show a single person pushing up the center and it clicks into place making (or so it seems?) the corners extend. Then they push the corners up (just a few inches as opposed to my 6 or more inches) as though there is no resistance at all. 

I will only need the tent for 6 months or less... so I don't need a "tank" or to sink a bunch of money into anything. I just something that I can handle on my own.

Suggestions? TESTIMONIALS? 

oh...just a thought: has anyone just staked one corner so it is stable to pull against? I guess I could just try that, too?

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EURMAX is a one person orientated design. The covering stays with the structure so when you're done you release the legs,  lower, and then push the whole thing into one bundle. Pull the travel bag over it and go. 

Yep... I have had such a great experience for the past two shows. So easy to open, and to close and stash into the bag. And, I am able to lift it into my truck. Perfect. Very happy!

OH...And it survived some BIG winds (gusts to 40/50 range) and rain last week which my previous set up would not have. So my timing was right on!


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