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I'm heading into the applications of my second year doing shows, and as I prepare to apply to shows I have gotten in, I ask myself "they saw those slides already.  But I haven't created any new awesomely amazing art pieces to switch out".

Do I apply with the exact same slides, two new slides and three old ones, or make an entirely new set?  And if I do the set, then I feel I'm leaving out some of my best work (which has also never sold (lots of interest, but too expensive)

What is your opinion of fellow artists and especially people who have juried before?  What would you say to slides you have seen before and let in?

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Some artists change their jury slides every year. Some every few years. Some use the same jury slides for their entire career. I've scanned slides dated circa 1982 or so for a few artists.

Another factor is what's your medium and how well did your jury slides do for you last year. Some artists spend their entire careers creating the perfect set of jury images, replacing the weakest as they come up with a new piece that works better in their presentation.

Some shows specify that all work needs to be created in the past 18 months but it is unenforceable and shows like that usually give awards to work created more than ten years ago anyway.

Bruce Baker recommends that instead of just creating work, create a stylish body of work where everything goes together and it makes it easy to choose pieces to photograph for jurying. I have an interview with him on my web site:

Larry Berman
Art Show Jury Services
Thanks!  The article was great and I appreciate your advise.  One question though, I remember that most shows say they want slides that are representative of the artist work, if I have some varied collections, one just showing the slides for one be ok?  I feel like I would not be representing my work well and fear that Iwould get booted out of the show (they aren't that different- it's just a fear I have).

The better shows want to see a consistent body of work in the jury slides and in the booth. But it really depends on the level of shows you intend on applying to. You can get away with a lot with shows that aren't that highly rated or competitive for jurying into. As your work becomes more sophisticated, you will find picking images for jury slides and getting into better shows easier.

Larry Berman
Art Show Jury Services

Hi Larry

Thanks for fixing my pics so quickly, I did get into Jazz fest marketplace and am waitlisted for contemporay.

I needed that

Thanks again,Sabine



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