I recently read an article encouraging photographers to take advantage of pop up shop events. I’ve never done one so I am not entirely sure what they entail, but this article suggested setting up a booth and actually having a small area to take pictures (I assume this pertains more to portrait photography). It said to have customers come in and you can take a few casual photos of them to show what you can offer. Then offer them a promotion for booking a full session with you.

I have mixed feelings, because I can see how that could be great marketing, and if it is just a portrait shot of them in front of a backdrop and maybe a table and chair to use as props, then it should be simple enough. On the other hand, i would only want to put my best work out there, so doing it on the spot may be risky. Thoughts?

Also, as I said I don’t know much about pop up shops - is this even allowed? It seems like those things are more interactive and hands on but I don’t know for sure. 

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  • I understand about wanting to only put out your best work.  I don't do photography, except of my products.  However I could see how the type you mention -- a quickie -- would not allow for touch ups and other editing which is important in portrait photography.

    Did you decide to try a pop up?

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