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Festival art newbee here getting ready to make the plunge in 2018, with a couple of jury application photo questions.

1. in general, are there rules about your artwork signature being visible on the images submitted to jurors? The reason I ask is because I know you're not allowed to identify yourself in the booth photo. Does a viewable signature on artwork violate that same rule? if so, I assume I would have to blur it out in PhotoShop.

2. Regarding the booth photo, I do mixed 2D and have one section in my booth with three pieces, with a small sign above them labeled "Commission Work" that is visible in my booth photo. Some of the shows seem go to great lengths detailing what is not allowed. By chance would this sign be a problem?


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No identification. Don't sign your jury pieces before photographing them. If they are already signed, don't blur them out, clone them out so it doesn't distract the jury. As for a booth image, only include the medium category you are applying in. Signs are always a problem in the booth because it's human nature for the jurors to take time to read them and then you can loose up to 20% of the time they are evaluating your images. The booth should be glanced at and dismissed as looking professional so they jurors spend most of their time evaluating the art images you are jurying with.

Larry Berman

For my booth shots, I take photos of the booth with all art in it when set up, including title cards, everything. If I have an award or ribbon , I photograph it with and without the award, and large signs. then, using a photo editor, I get rid of anything that is a distraction from the artwork - which means getting rid of title cards, any signage with my name in it, basically anything that detracts from the artwork. I have a black background, so it is fairly simple to remove the distractions.


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