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Hi Folks. 

Newbie here who is planning to begin doing shows in 2018. I am looking for a listing of the art shows organized by application deadline dates. I have looked at the ArtFairCalendar site and it is listed by show dates. I registered with Zapp and it lists shows by name. I am hoping this is a listing or a way to sort the listings in one of these sources to determine when I need to get applications submitted to upcoming shows. Does a calendar listing by app deadline exist? If so, please share.



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But Michael, none of the 2018 shows have deadlines that are passed. They're still all open, or not even opened yet. You are smart to be looking this far out. So many times new people to the business think they can "sign up" a few weeks before the event. 

How far are you willing to travel? How many shows have you already visited that look attractive, or don't look attractive. Many of the people in the business do a mix of "A" level shows and "B" shows -- they're not all money makers but you learn a lot and keep up with your expenses.

Connie, I am in the unique situation that I am working in Saudi Arabia at the moment and won't be back into the US until December. That is when I will first get chance to acquire my tent, set it up, produce framed and/or matted prints, fill the tent, take booth photos, then apply to shows. I will be crazy busy when I hit the ground in the US at end of December to get everything in place to where I can go to any shows. That is what is driving my research into how much lead time is needed between application deadline and actual show. i would like to be in shows beginning in March 2018. 

All of that can be seen in the Events Calendar tab on zapp. If you are researching shows in November 2017, just go to the November 2017 Events Calendar page and look at the shows there. For instance, the first weekend an Event Start says Great Gulfcoast Art Festival. Point to it and click. You'll be redirected to the show prospectus and you can see the deadline is still 44 days away from today. Likewise, if you want to see the GGAF App Deadline listing on the Events Calendar page, go to May 2017 and there it is featured on May 31. Point to it and click and you'll be redirected to the show prospectus.

But if you want to see the deadlines happening now (which I often do because I'm thoroughly researching) bring up the April 2017 Events Calendar to see them.

HOT TIP: When I'm speculating about doing a show, I usually start the application immediately upon discovering it so that I keep it in cue IN MY FACE, in My Zapplications. Applications receive a number and some shows jury based upon the application number. So If I selected GGAF to start the application, I would immediately be assigned an application number thus getting in the jury pool earlier. I'm just guessing this is how the system works. Some shows don't jury like this, though. I already know that. But I like to get applications started early since it makes better since to me.

ENDNOTE: I love Art Fair Insiders for many reasons, but so much so in this case since we've got a discussion going between participants coming from different perspectives altogether. I'm an art fair artist mainly, Connie's the administrator of AFI and keeps a close tie with shows and directors and acts as a liaison to us, Larry is a photo helping artists with juries and knows a lot about the jury process as well as has a history of showing and even helped Zapp establish itself. And Michael will have a perspective based upon RVing and what else? Really cool, folks. WOOHOO!

Thanks Barrie for your insights and the Hot Tip! I am soaking up all the information I am gleaning from the forums to help sharpen my business plan and hopefully avoid some dumb mistakes that I could avoid by listening to some of the seasoned artists in here. I look forward to joining you in the shows in 2018!

You are in Hot Springs, AR? I was born in Pine Bluff (1965) and lived in Little Rock from 1970 until USMC 1984-88 and the brief Desert Storm 1991, and then moved to Wyoming in 1994.

You recognize this scene/storefront?

The HAIR is Human Hair

Gelatin-silver print

©1989 BL Bryant

Oh wow, Barrie! I passed that display from the Josephene Tussaud Wax Museum every day when I would walk to school at Central Jr. High (the old high school). It's great to make a connection to another Arkansan!

WOOHOO! Didn't mean to hijack the thread, just couldn't resist. WOOHOO!


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