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Newbie here.

I'm considering buying a used Trimline booth for $500. I could also buy the Pro Panels the seller has available for $1500. I'm wondering if I would be better off buying the booth and ordering mesh panels from Flourish rather than buying the Pro Panels, because of ease of transportation and the space needed to transport Pro Panels. If I get the Pro Panels I'll need to rent a van for every show. That being said, I may need to rent a van regardless. 

Description from the seller: dark gray, 2-piece panels are 8 feet high and 30" wide - 9 panels in all (18 pieces)

Displaying paintings, btw. 

Thoughts? Does mesh work well? Are Pro Panels that much nicer that if possible that's the direction you'd go? 


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Amanda - I've tried two ways.  First was by using a brush and soapy water while the walls were up in my driveway, then rinsing with a hose.  It's a bit of a challenge since they have some give to them when you're trying to scrub an area.  

The second way was at a laundromat.  You have to remove the bars in the top and bottom using pliers.  I used the largest washer they had, on delicate with a mild soap.  Getting the bars in and out is a pain, but they turned out beautifully.  

Thank you for the tips. I am limited to cleaning them in an apartment and definitely have run into the issue with them having give which makes it challenging. I just used dish soap and water, and most stains come out but not entirely. I have heard about the laundry mat, but just invested a lot of money into them and am very nervous about trusting them in someone else's care. Call me protective!

Thanks again for the help!

Just FYI - I don't leave them in someone else's care.  I take them to a place where they have lots of washers/dryers available for you to do the wash yourself and use the largest one.  We have all invested a lot of money in them so I understand your concern.  I wouldn't trust it to someone else either.

Sorry, I didnt mean give them to anyone just that it isnt my washer and dont have much control if something is wrong with the laundrymat. But like you said, we all have invested a lot of money....Thank you to all who responded, sounds like a brush and soap it is. Going out of town for a show this weekend so the advice is very much appreciated!

I use to have the white mesh panels before I switched to black. I would remove the bars and wash them one at a time in my washing machine. I never had any issues and they were always bright and clean. Flourish told me that after I wash them to be sure to clean the bars with windex before inserting them back in. It removes buildup on the bars and they glide easier.

Why not just call the nice people at flourish and ask them?

Used mesh panels for the first time and ....they definitely need the top stabilizer bar which I did not order but will or have one made.  Velcro straps need to be pulled tight and then checked again if weather gets windy.  S hooks are a little flimsy but worked well on some pieces.  Heavy pieces pull on material and not in a good way.   Flourish caries a strap hanger that I am ordering for stabilization of heavy (10 pound ) pieces.

I have been using the flourish mesh panels for years. On my trim line there is an upper State Bar as part of the frame. However on my undercover tents, I do not use any Upper Stabar. The mesh panels hook onto the accordion type frame of the tent. No Upper StaBar is needed.
The S hooks work great. I hang 4 ft wide images on my S hooks with no problem at all. Also side to side I cinch them very snug. However top-to-bottom I do not snug the bottom very tight just a little snug.

I have used mesh panels for years both on my Trimline and my Vatibri. The mesh panels all have the metal hooks to hang them and I do use upper and lower stabars. I hang some quite heavy wood art using S hooks and also use some homemade J hooks for pieces that are a bit too heavy for S hooks. I am extremely satisfied and would recommend them. I cannot comment about pro panels because I have never owned any.

The have stayed very clean and I have only cleaned them one time by setting up in my yard with the tent to get them tight and then scrubbed them with a soft bristle brush and soapy water.

BTW Cheryl, your lighting (I know what you have), will work great with the Trimline. Just get figure out what support poles you might want to use with it. Normally you would use ---  two 10' light poles. one 4'  or 5' light pole. 3 long "L" brackets and 3 stabar "L" bracket.  However your PVC poles will reach the entire span. So you might experiment and see if you need anything. Flourish will tell you what you need. If you are getting the Trimline used, it may already have the extra parts.


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