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Newbie here.

I'm considering buying a used Trimline booth for $500. I could also buy the Pro Panels the seller has available for $1500. I'm wondering if I would be better off buying the booth and ordering mesh panels from Flourish rather than buying the Pro Panels, because of ease of transportation and the space needed to transport Pro Panels. If I get the Pro Panels I'll need to rent a van for every show. That being said, I may need to rent a van regardless. 

Description from the seller: dark gray, 2-piece panels are 8 feet high and 30" wide - 9 panels in all (18 pieces)

Displaying paintings, btw. 

Thoughts? Does mesh work well? Are Pro Panels that much nicer that if possible that's the direction you'd go? 


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Hi Cheryl and welcome.  I haven’t been part of the group for very long, and don’t have as much experience as many other artists, but I’ve recently switched from Pro Panels to mesh walls.  

I really liked my Pro Panels; I thought they gave my space a more “gallery” appearance and I didn’t look like all the other artists.  They took a little longer to set up, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy.   I also liked that I could rearrange them for a different look if/when I wanted to (ie: if I did a pop-up type show, I could just put up four or five walls, instead of the whole set up).  

I put the back wall of panels about 3’ in front of the back of the tent, which gave me storage behind them which was important to me (especially for shows where your tents are back to back).  Being a painter, I don’t have tables to hide extra inventory beneath.  I had a doorway to access storage, and used a French wall in front of it to hid the doorway.

One of the reasons I chose to switch to mesh panels was that my Pro Panels were dark blue, which made my tent very dark inside. Also, on those days where the slightest breeze helps with the temperature under the tent, they blocked that breeze.  

I haven’t done a show with the mesh walls yet; I’m picking them up this weekend. However, I would add that although I’m using a Trimline tent, I have a slight concern about having my artwork attached to my tent, in case of high winds.  Not that I expect a Trimline with weights to blow away, but if it did, my artwork would definitely go with it. I’m hoping once I get to using it, I’ll feel better about that.  

Thank you for sharing your experience with both of these. So helpful. The Trimline booth has someone in front of me so I'm guessing it's not going to mine. I'll have to keep watching for another. 

Cheryl - the ease of setting up the mesh vs. the ProPanels was also a deciding factor.  But, I'm giving up a pop-up and going to the Trimline, so it's really a wash for me.  You might also check Facebook marketplace and Fbk artist groups (Artist Garage, for instance) for tents.  I found a couple tents near me listed there that weren't listed here on AFI.

Good luck!

There are 2 types of Flourish mesh... White or Black softwall.

I have used both but my comments here pertain to the Black softwall.

The only benefit of the propanel (PP), that I believe, is the flexibility. PP can be configured almost limitlessly. 

Mesh can be configured a few different ways but very limited comparatively.

As to hanging weight? I don't know however I have hung quite a significant amount of weight and pieces, on my mesh with no problems. As to structural stability, I might find the mesh better, as I've seen PP moved about in heavy winds but my mesh held.

As too portability? Mesh by far. No comparison, the mesh is compact and light.

As too setup speed, the mesh is extremely fast compared to PP. You can hang three walls in about 5 minutes at most.

As too durability? My mesh are great however I care for them very well. They don't get dirty easily. Very easy to clean if needed.

Hanging system? Mesh uses "S" hooks for inside and Drapery hooks for outside walls.

Light transparency? Mesh allow a little light through - PP opaque.

Breath-ability? Mesh allows some airflow - PP no airflow.

Uneven ground? Mesh supported entirely by Tent frame (except if French wall option used. PP needs there own support.

Appearance? I get nothing but compliments on the look of the Mesh, at shows. I do use the PP bins also, they match up beautifully with the Mesh. I don't think the PP look any better, however more variety of color choices with PP.

Price? Mesh much lower cost.

Another Con of Mesh... at corners, they do not meet to make a concealed seem. You may choose to hang an extra cloth for corners, if that is a concern. PP no corner exposure.

I believe the mesh leaves a little more open space at bottom. I sometimes use extra cloth for a finished bottom concealment.

If I had no concerns of transport or space, I might consider PP, but only for the flexibility. However, after being used to my setup, I think I would still choose the Mesh.

Last comment. PP company might be fine to deal with. I have had no issues with them. However Fourish is amazing in customer service. They set a standard that is hard to match.

Larry, you have me sold on the mesh panels, I think. I like the idea of easier transport and setup. You also seem to really like how they function. Thanks!

Cheryl, you are most welcome. With the mesh, when considering the white VS Black, think it out.

White: Is only single walled - mesh only.

Allows far more light in.

Allows greater airflow.

Has far more distraction as light comes through all those "mesh holes".

Much brighter inside tent due, not only by outside light infiltration but also reflectivity of contained and entered light.

Black Softwall: Isolates interior "showroom" from outside world. No distracting "lightholes"

Less airflow due to secondary fabric wall. Still get adequate though.

Controls lighting lets you isolate environment. I supply my inside light so I like to control the lighting.

No outside distractions.

Looks stunning with the contrast.

Creates separation between the display walls and the White roof.

Personally I should not be suggesting the Black Softwalls as ussually I am the only one, at the shows with them. It sets me apart and grabs attention, but heck we are all trying to support each other :-)

If you do order from Flourish, tell them I reccomended you. Won't mean anything but maybe they will put an extra S hook in my next order :-)  :-P

When you order the Mesh think it out.

You can get a certain type that will work great with a pop-up as well as with a trimeline type tent.

Talk to the Floourish people about it.

I have a couple of the mesh setups, that are for both types of tents.

If I use my popup and mesh walls, I can setup both, complete, by myself in approx 10 minutes. That is just tent, walls and mesh walls. Unload from vehicle and complete.

How do you clean the mesh walls?

Hello, what is the best way to clean the mesh walls. Dont have a house/garage/yard to use to help clean them

I have never had to clean mine. However, when they have gotten, mud or dirt on them, at a show, I just used a wet towel and rubbed it off, while they were still set up, at the show. I would check with the people at Flourish for cleaning info.

Thank you. I did contact Flourish and they have not responded. It sure would be nice though.

Amanda - I thought I responded to you yesterday, but did a general reply inadvertantly.  Did you see it?

I can't recall if I heard about using the laundromat from a post on this site or from Flourish directly, but as I mentioned, it works great.

Soak them in the bathtub with a mild soap solution.  


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