Hello all, I have enough to set up -two- 10' x 10' booths; or an awesome 10’ x 20’ booth. Good used condition. It’s a great system, if you’ve yet to use it, it’s lightweight and easy to assemble quickly by yourself. These knock down panels are the easiest size to transport.


20ea. Dark Grey 8′ tall 30” wide Knock Down Panel;

5ea. 84” to 144” Support Bars;

1ea. Extra short banner bar;

8ea. 30” dark grey Locking Ladder Shelf;

5pcs. various length Ladder;

12ea. Standard Stiffener;

2ea. T Stiffener;

40ea. Anchor Hanger;

25ea. Hanger Extension.

offered on first-come, first-served basis.

Call or email if you want to purchase:

10' x 10' booth for $1,000;

all listed above for $1,800;

or if you have questions, thank you,

Richard Moss

Morriston FL 32668

(t) 352.299.1706


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  • Not sure if you still have the panels available, if so, may you please advise.

  • Hi. Do you still have this?

  • Do you still have one booths worth?
  • Hi Richard, I am also interested. Perhaps in the whole package. Located near Tallahassee. Thanks.
  • Richard, do you have anything left? I am very interested in the knock down panels. Would you just sell those? What kind of tent do you have? Thank you
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