Hi All, I'm looking to sell my ProPanel 10x10 Booth system. Because the system is so large, a lot of accessories including a full lighting system, I am unable to ship the system. It is available for pickup only unless there are better ideas out there that I haven't thought thru.. It's location is Alexandria, VA. The system is 5 years old, but it is in excellent condition. My last inspection of the system was  today (06-12-2022) and it looked good. Here are the particulars of what I have up for sale:

  • ProPanel "Plan A" 10'x10' Booth with 3 xtra panels. Panel size is 84"x71;"
  • Complete Track Lighting System for a 10'x10' Booth system. The system is in large RubberMade containers and Track Lighting Bags;
  • Transportation Cartto move everything;
  • Hanger equipment to display on all walls;
  • Panel stroage covers;
  • Various support brackets, support bars, and cross members.

I've included a photo of the booth when it was in use during the Sugarloaf Craft Festivals. Please email me at bigblocphotography@gmail.com if you are seriously interested in getting this system. As mentioned earlier, the system in total is too large to ship it anywhere, and shipping costs might make this whole endeavour too expensive.

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  • What is your asking price?

    • Sally, Did you forget about Me?

    • Any thoughts?

    • I forgot to mention, I also have a 10x10 commercial pop-up tent. I can throw that into the system as well for the same price.

    • Hi Sally, Thanks for the shout. I'm looking to get $2700 for everything, including the foldable print displays (there are 3 or 4 of them). What are your thoughts? 

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