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I don't get irked very often, but when I get a "call to artists" promotion, that is well written, usually very beautiful and well created. I look at it and say, "wow, looks great, where's it at" but then it doesn't give the viewer any indication of the state or even city it is located in. It may just say Fall Art Show, or Visit Us on Main Street, etc., and when that happens, I usually just delete it and go on to the next. 

Promoters, when you spend all that time and money on creating your promotions, please be sure to indicate where it is....

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 I could not agree more. I remember when I first  started out in the 1990's and was looking for a review of Winter Park. "Are these people nuts? They don't have palm trees in Winter Park, CO"!.  Geography is important in this business. FYI it's an ok show in CO. 

Yes, Yes, and Yes drives me crazy

Totally agree!  It’s a total waste of the promoter’s and artist’s time.

Amen. I hit delete on a lot of promoted shows.   I don't have the time to research where and when some highly touted show is. It should be in bold type at the very beginning of the post. 

I agree!  And there are so many "Art in the Parks"!  Sometimes I'm in multiples in one year and I can't keep them straight when they email.  They assume we know which one they are talking about but forget we have so many shows we are involved with.  


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