Has anyone purchased the ProGallery Panel Covers from Flourish (for Trimline tents)?
After four years of shows, my mesh panels are looking a little worn/dirty and I'm considering purchasing this "upgrade" from Flourish.  These panel covers attach right over the mesh panels. 

Flourish says they're easy to clean and store.  Are they?  Does the tent get significantly hotter compared with the mesh panels?  Any "gotchas" I should know about?

The product I'm talking about is here: http://flourish.com/ff_progallery.html


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  • How did they work out for you Geoff?

    • Lisa, thanks for responding to the question. The mesh cover panels are working out very well, they are easy to install and to maintain. I would recommend, however, that if you are doing shows in Florida that you choose a lighter color rather than a dark one. Otherwise, it will be really hot inside your tent. On hotter days (say, 85 or more) I do often choose to skip them, preferring to have a breeze inside my tent. If you have already purchased the covers and want some tips on maintenance and setup, feel free to message me.
      • interesting...yes haha I'm about to get the covers for my shows in FL! 

        I bet they work best for indoor shows.

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