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Problems with Square releasing my money-anyone ever heard of this?

Has anyone ever had this happen- I have never heard of this.

I did a show over last weekend, went to square site today and see that I must verify my business. They have all of my funds on hold from last weekend's show with no explanation, and no instructions on how to fill out this form.

I have not received any emails from them and no other info.

When I called the number I have for Square, it says that I am not set up to have phone help.

I emailed and got a response that it may take up to 3 days for them to get back to me,

Anyone else- ever?

Thank you!

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I see that being in a hurry, I posted this in the wrong place- if anyone can move this for me, please do, thanks.

Judy have you had any resolution to this? I do use square but I've only used it at one show so far and there were no problems.

Yes, as of this morning I have my money.

I was able to submit the form and received a short but polite apology saying that they have to spot check every so often for compliance- maybe to make certain that I'm not a drug runner?

I had to verify my business with proof of business registration and a few other things. So, beware, everyone using square, I suppose this could happen to anyone? I did not like having my funds from my show held/pending, with no explanation.

But, it's all good.

I wonder how one would give proof of business registration if they are a sole proprietor...NYS doesn't require anything other than a sales tax registration. I hope I never run across this issue with Square!

follow up?

Yes, and I will also be looking for a backup credit card processor- not to switch but to be prepared if something like this were to happen again. I was concerned that this wouldn't be resolved in time for my next show, which is next weekend. 

Any suggestions? I did sign up for paypal some years back, but never did use them, or hear anything from them. They may have dropped me, I don't know.

I did go back and look at their email to me, and they really didn't give me an explanation.

Sorry, Greg, didn't see your post, see my above response.

I have not had any problems with square but I do have paypal as a backup.. However I have had a lot of connectivity problems with paypal and their customer support is extremely poor and has not been any help whatsoever.-----------------

Everyone tells me how much they love Square:  Then I keep hearing of problems like this, or lost or missing or cancelled transactions. I know I pay a % with my wireless terminal, but they support me, and there is always someone to call for help, 24/7. 


There was no information or instructions as to what/why I needed to fill out.

My best guess was that they wanted to verify that I am legit. I sent them a scan of my PA tax license. I have a NY one, too, as well as a few other states,  but didn't want to confuse them. The form gave me spaces to write whatever, so I just stressed how long I had been in business, etc. The form said something like- tell us a bit about yourself (?)

I wanted to do a bang up job on the form so that there would be no more holdups; I didn't want my money lost in the shuffle. 

Yes, everyone, I think I would like to know of another processor for a backup.

Greg, thanks, I don't think I will pursue paypal, at least not at the moment.

We have had square since close to when then started and never had an issue.  They do have algorithms to help protect them.  It's a trade off for easy sign up and low cost.  I was worried the first time we did over 6k sales but no issue.   It would be shocking since they completely veried you that you would have any issues in the future.  BTW for anyone the square loans are very nice if you need short term help.  

If you would have asked me last week I would have said the same thing-no problems ever.

I don't mind having to verify of course, but having my money put on hold with no explanation, and no way to contact anyone- I think it could have been done another way.

I just finished a 4 day show, so I had a decent sized $$ chunk in my account.

Jeff, that is reassuring, thank you. I have bad odds, though- I have been called to jury duty at least six times!

Tried to balance my receipts, off.

It's documented on my square dashboard and square emails, so it's easy to verify.

Square sent me emails saying how many sales that I processed. This number is correct.

On my square dashboard, they are 3 short of that number.

Square has a $ number under deposits on my dashboard, three days, three amounts.

My actual bank deposits- 3 different amounts, totally different, and $150 short. 

I will let you all know if I can get this resolved. 


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