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Retired from shows, now I want to sell basically everything except tent, which sold already. Must pick up in Vermont, cannot ship.  Items listed below, picture also.  Please contact me with any questions. 

ProPanel and Armstrong items are all standard color light grey and match one another.  

Ten 7' ProPanels sized 38-1/2" wide, and four 7' ProPanels sized 30" wide.  Paid $1500, looking for $1000 OBO.  These were retrofitted with the adjustable legs. All panels in good condition, well maintained.  

I have skirts for bottoms of panels for use at indoor shows, five to fit 30" panels and 10 to fit 38-1/2" panels. These go for $10 each on ProPanel website, I'd like $30.

Support bars, one long, four short, painted black, not powder coat.  Retail price is $40 for long, $30 for short.  $30 the lot.

Standard stiffeners, L-stiffeners and t-stiffeners, many, some black, some powder coat.  Good condition.  Sell for between $9 and $20 each.   $30 the lot.

ProPanel anchor hangers, powder coated paint and extensions.  I hung 40 pound or heavier pieces using these, with s-hooks included. These cost $8 and $6 respectively, I will sell for $30.

Two Banner bars, long, painted black, fit above ProPanels to hang track lights. These sell for $50 each. My price is $25 each.  

4' Track lights, white canisters and tracks, low voltage halogen floodlight lamps, got all from Eclectic lighting; will throw in padded water resistant storage bag, paid $250 for all, will sell for $75.

ProDesk with handmade back that magnetizes to the desktop.  Extra shelf available, will throw in. Paid about $275 for all, will sell for $175.

Two Outdoor ProPanel pedestals sized 36"h x 16" x 16".  Paid $149 each, retail now is $165, will sell for $100 each.  One has some cat scratches, but still structurally sound. 

Armstrong Tiered Print Bins, wooden boxes painted light bluish grey with light grey carpet liners for inside.  One measures 48" h x 37"w x 24" d, one measures 48"h x 30" w x 24"d.  I used to place the narrower print bin and the ProDesk together to save space, using the desk to cover the back side of the print bin, which has a carpet cover (paid extra for it, but not very effective).  I also made a matching, sturdy back door piece for the 30" wide print bin to be used when it was self-standing.  I will throw these in. Each size print bin includes a shelf(also paid extra for these), good for keeping light weight items off the ground.  Shelf attaches using velcro. Paid $390 for the narrower bin, paid $365 for the wider bin, now sells for $350.  I will charge $300 for each, take both for $500.   See photo from Armstrong: website

Two black nylon and aluminum folding chairs, high style (seat is about 30" off the ground), good for talking to clients.  Paid $65 each, will sell for $25 each.

Black nylon and aluminum folding art bin, paid about $75 for it, will sell for $25.

Stack on canopy weights by Eatons, these are the best, we never had an issue with wind once we had these.  Rusted from many rainy shows, but lots of life left in them.  Paid $125 per set of 4, we have four sets made to fit Craft Hut or similar round leg canopy.  Each weighs 15 pounds each, we used 4 per leg.  New these cost $179-199 each.  Asking $400.

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Hello Carol - is this still available?  I'm gearing up for the 2019 season and would like to piece together a ProPanels kit to save some money.

Hi Richard,

Yes, I have the whole kit, for indoor or outdoor shows.  There are enough panels to do a 20 x20 double booth if desired, though I mostly did single booths.  Let me know what you want to do.  If you are in Vermont, or in the Northeast, you could look at everything if you like. 

I'm in Maine - it's a couple of hours to Vermont.

I only need enough panels to do a 10x10 tent.  

I'd be looking at (9) 7' 38.5" panels; support bars; stiffeners; anchor hangers; and the prodesk.

Unfortunately, none of the shows I do give me access to power and most don't allow a generator so I wouldn't need any of the lighting.  I wish I could use it as I sell photographic prints and lighting my work makes it much more presentable.

When were you thinking of visiting? Are you thinking this month? We are around. I have 10 38.5” panels. If you decide to purchase 9, it would be great if you could just take the tenth one. It’s nice to have an extra in case one gets damaged.
I respect that you know what you want, so please forgive if I am intruding on your decision, but wanted to remind you I also have the 30”, maybe you want to think of having two, they are useful to create forward facing walls other than just the back wall of a booth. Also, you can use two 38-1/2” panels for the back wall, leave a space open at the back, then use a 30” panel perpendicular to the side wall, that gives you a way to create a back door that is also partially concealed. Hard to describe but commonly done. Works well to put desk adjacent to perpendicular wall, or behind it, within the booth so you can be selling inside the booth on rainy days. Hope you don’t mind my suggesting these things, it’s just, I spent money later on to get narrower panels, and I could have saved the money getting them when I ordered the wider ones. Well, you can always get them in the future if you want to wait, as I did.
We also didn’t have very many shows that allowed access to electricity, but you never know. Some artists doing shows in cities are able to plug into nearby outlets with owner’s permission, or even paying a bit of rent. We sold our generator, I never liked using it.
Once or twice we did an indoor show, the lights were definitely a plus. They give a special glow. We never did the marine battery thing, too complicated to work out inverters and such. So heavy, too.
So, you are set for selling your unframed work? The Armstrong boxes and stands are sturdy and work great...but if you aren’t into it, no worries.
Our ProDesk is great, we used to hang art on it sometimes, and the back panel I built is useful to conceal your desk stuff. Never had anything stolen out of it, nobody but you would know how it opens. I can show you all of this, if/when you visit.

I likely wouldn't be able to visit until after the new year - just too much going on.  Thanks for the input - I appreciate it given that I've never used the ProPanels before.  If I can swing the additional panels, I may just take them off your hands.  My biggest concern is actually the size - I wasn't really thinking about it when I first messaged you, but I'd need to carry 7' panels on the roof of my car and I'm trying to figure that scenario out.

If you want to discuss this further, please feel free to send me an email.  I'm not sure hot these forums deal with email addresses - some tend to block them - so its in a forum friendly format.

rjsnowphoto (at) gmail (dot) com

I will email you at the address you provided. Thanks!

I'd be interested in the panel skirts for the 38.5 inch panels.

Hi Chris, I have emailed you at the above address you provided.  Let me know if you need anything else.


Hi Chris, I haven’t forgotten you, the holidays put me behind...are you still interested?  I think it might cost as much to pack and ship as they cost, so, about $60? But I haven’t actually boxed and weighed and gotten actual quote...will follow up soon.  Let me know if you changed your mind...

Best, Carol

Hi Carol,
Like Richard I am gearing up for the 2019 season. It's been 6 years since I did shows and am in need of everything..first show is a corner 10x10 at Paradise City in Marlborough. I'm in Bellows Falls about a half hour north of Brattleboro.
Please let me know if and what you may still have available or if Richard has already picked it up. Was trying to figure out the layout with the back door,etc. that you mentioned earlier. Any chance you could share a sketch somehow? sounds pretty cool.

p.s. I feel as though we've met somewhere..
Happy New Year!

Hi Scott - I have not made it over to Vermont yet and have not made a purchase.  As with anything like this, I assume that nothing is held until there is a monetary transaction.  

Happy New Year and good luck in the 2019 season!

thanks Richard...

Happy New Year to you as well.

all the best,



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